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08 Apr 2019 | Replacing Gas Power Plants With Your Solar, London Launches Low Emission Zone and EVs Hold Their Value Better Than Diesel: Tesla Adds More Atari Games To Its Dashboard | Elon Musk Explains Why There Is A Camera Inside Of The Tesla Model 3 | Elon Musk Makes Private Visit To Buffalo Tesla Plant | L.A. Could Replace Traditional Power Plants With Home Solar | London Prepares For

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Show #437   Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Monday 8th April 2019. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through every EV story I could find today, and picked out the best ones to save you time.   Thank you to for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.   Hello to Patreon EXECUTIVE PRODUCER TIM GUTTERIDGE.   TESLA ADDS MORE ATARI GAMES TO ITS DASHBOARD "Tesla [has] added a pair of new old Atari games to the lineup you can play on its cars' dashboard display. When Model S, X and 3 owners update their software, they'll be able to play 2048 and Super Breakout." says Sean Keane for CNET Roadshow: "The company added the initial batch of TeslAtari games last August, and ...later removed racer Pole Position because it "couldn't resolve all the rights issues," CEO Elon Musk tweeted last month. So now the list of games, as noted by Mashable, consists of: 2048, Super Breakout, Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander and Centipede."   ELON MUSK EXPLAINS WHY THERE IS A CAMERA INSIDE OF THE TESLA MODEL 3 "Back in 2017 we learned that the Tesla Model 3 has an inactive camera above the rearview mirror looking into the car. Seems ... creepy. Well, recently on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk revealed what that camera is doing there." reports Mashable. Elon said on Twitter: "It’s there for when we start competing with Uber/Lyft & people allow their car to earn money for them as part of the Tesla shared autonomy fleet. In case someone messes up your car, you can check the video." @MarcelFeldkamp "It's hard to wrap my head around a future where my car might be earning me money through autonomous driving while I'm asleep in my bed or play video games but here we are." @elonmusk "That’s exactly the idea. What’s not well understood is that Tesla cars being made *today* will be able to do that for you. Just a matter of finishing the software & going through regulatory approval. Will be explained in depth via live webcast on April 22."   ELON MUSK MAKES PRIVATE VISIT TO BUFFALO TESLA PLANT "That really was Elon Musk who stopped by the Tesla Inc. solar panel factory in Buffalo on Friday. Musk, Tesla's chairman and CEO, visited the South Park Avenue factory Friday, a Tesla spokeswoman confirmed. She did not elaborate on what Musk did here or offer any other details of the visit. She said Musk, who has never made a public visit to Buffalo, would not be speaking to local media while he is here." reports one of those local media The Buffalo Times: "The Buffalo solar panel factory, built and partially equipped by the state with $750 million in taxpayer money as part of the Buffalo Billion economic development program, has taken far longer than expected to develop as Tesla's solar energy business has shrunk and the company has focused most of its resources on its electric vehicle business. The plant, which Tesla has pledged will employ 1,460 people by April 2020, currently has fewer than 800 workers after a companywide round of job cuts earlier this year."   L.A. COULD REPLACE TRADITIONAL POWER PLANTS WITH HOME SOLAR "Renewable energy experts and a new report from the solar industry say Los Angeles could generate a larger portion of its electricity with wider use of residential solar panels backed up by battery storage." says Dennis Romero: "The concept of a "virtual power plant" that could replace one of three natural gas plants being phased out by the city has already been deployed successfully in Orange County and Waltham, Vermo

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