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Major Spoilers #13: The Invincible Iron Podcast: The Iron Man movie is reviewed, so are a couple of comics, and the podcast panel check out JLA: The Obsidian Age

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In this episode: repeated reviews, spoilers supreme, heavy metal heroes )along with fan feedback), a little white witch, Rodrigo gets Hyper, Stephen pours a Foundation, we go to the tote board for the final tally on the Major Spoilers Hero Drive, Aquaman is dead, and much more!

Stephen and Rodrigo kick off the podcast with a review of the Iron Man Movie. The trio go into detail about the different retellings of the origin story of Iron Man including Tales of Suspense #39, Invincible Iron Man #144, the Invincible Iron Man animated DVD, and the movie. The panel talk about what works and doesn't work in the film, read comments from listeners, and recommend everyone who has an opportunity should check it out.

Iron Man 2 - arrives April 30, 2010



Rodrigo: Hyperkenetic #1 (Image Comics)

HYPERKINETIC is about four intergalactic highly skilled female bounty hunters pursue an elusive prey. They end up going through a wormhole and crashing on a weird alien planet. They now have bigger concerns such as giant killer robots and crazy aliens.

Stephen: Foundation #5 (Boom! Studios)

Nostradamus predicted the rise of Napoleon, the rise of Hitler, the Apollo landing and 9/11. Now, in the present, his Foundation works to save mankind from the greatest threats he predicted still to come. The stunning conclusion.

Hero History: The White Witch
Matthew gives us a preview of his next Hero History, and promises it will be up on the site soon.

Who is your favorite Fantastic Four Stand-In?
Luke Cage
Ms. Marvel
Ant Man

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JLA: The Obsidian Age (DC COMICS)

During the events of "Superman: Our Worlds at War" Aquaman and the people of Atlantis went missing in the timestream. Picking up where that story leaves off, the JLA discovers that Aquaman and his people are stranded 3000 years in the past. Superman and crew head back into the past to rescue their missing teammate.

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