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Nosleep Podcast #14

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Our 14th episode of The Nosleep Podcast brings you tales of strange noises, mysterious places, and abandoned watering holes. Featuring horror stories from the horror writing community, these stories will keep you awake as the darkness of the night surrounds you.
This episode features these stories:
Midnight in Kentucky written by Joshua Starbringer (Redditor CelestialThunder) and read by Isla Schanuel.
The Sound written by April Edgreen (Redditor harmedgreen) and read by Gil Duarte (Redditor gdpt).
The Hidden Chamber written by Justin Williams (Redditor plat00n) and read by Max Glaspey (Redditor MonthlyMarmot).
Georgie’s written by Christopher MacTaggart (Redditor whoreoffire) and read by Christina Scholz (Redditor giant_squid).

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