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125-Norse Mythology: Bound: There's trouble in Asgard, and Loki is on the case.

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We're back in Norse Mythology. It's set before Ragnarok (obviously), and it's a story we never got to of Freyja, Odin, Loki, and four dwarves. Freyja makes a lot of new friends, and Loki gets completely out of control at a party and tells all the Aesir exactly what he thinks of them. The creature of the week is the invunche, a very sad, hairy, contorted baby. -- Sponsors: Empty Faces: an amazing new mystery box that you can solve. Check out for 10% off your first box. Don't forget to catch season 2 of Lore on Amazon Prime, available now! -- Music: "Catching Feathers" by Ketsa "Midnight" by Ketsa "The Confrontation" by Podington Bear "Direct to Video" by Chris Zabriskie "Walking Shoes" by Blue Dot Sessions "House of Grendel" by Blue Dot Sessions "Thom Yorke at Home" by Podington Bear "Hard Sell" by Ketsa  

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