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Episode 67b: The Battle of Megiddo (A Dramatic Reading): Interlude: The Battle of Megiddo (Dramatised).

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Interlude: The Battle of Megiddo (Dramatised).In this episode, we play the "official account" of Thutmose III's great victory at Megiddo. Drawing on the King's own proclamations, and using the voices of some other podcasters, we bring the story to life...Readings provided by:Elias Belhaddad (The History of Islam)Ben Jacobs (Wittenberg to Westphalia)Travis J Dow (History of Germany)Steve Guerra (History of the Papacy)Thomas Daly (American Biography)David Crowther (The History of England)Erik Fogg (ReConsider).Bibliography and Images at: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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