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#169 Million-year-old food: Dr. Bill Schindler walks us through 3+ million years of diet history

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We have lost the ability to think for ourselves when food is concerned. We’re the only animal on the planet that hires nutritionists and dieticians to tell us how to eat. But we’re the sickest species on the planet. Something’s wrong. And Dr. Bill Schindler wants to right that wrong. On today's episode, Bill, professor of anthropology and archaeology at Washington College, and the director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, walks us through 3+ million years of diet history to help us get a handle on what our ancestors ate. As we learn about the tools they used and which foods provided the most nutrients, we gain insights into how we can eat and live better today. Bill describes what main foods were part of the primitive diet, how the diet shifted over time, how the dietary needs of the past compare to ours today, how our ancestors extracted the most nutrients from the raw food they hunted or gathered, and the importance of getting back in touch with our food.  Learn more from Bill's website: Visit our website for more resources on health and wellness. Check out our sponsors: Vintage Tradition and Ancestral Supplements.

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