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SIBO and SIFO with Dr Satish Rao | Ep. 68: SIBO and SIFO with Dr Satish Rao | Ep. 68

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If you’re suffering with constant bloating, even after completing your SIBO treatment, have you considered whether SIFO could be the culprit? This week Rebecca is joined by Dr Satish Rao, a clinician, researcher and educator, to discuss what SIFO is, and the overlap between SIFO and SIBO. Dr Rao talks to Rebecca about how SIFO is identified in the first instance and what the treatment pathway looks like.✓ What is SIFO✓ What the difference is between SIFO and SIBO✓ The incidence of patients with just SIFO, or SIFO and SIBO together✓ The 5 key symptoms of SIFO✓ How to accurately diagnose and identify SIFO✓ Why a physician approach is important in diagnosis✓ The medical treatment pathway for SIFO✓ How and why there might be bacteria and fungus in the small bowel✓ Why treating SIBO first is important, before tackling SIFOGet the show notes or sign up as a member of The Healthy Gut Podcast to get full transcriptions from Season 2 here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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