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38 TEDx Speaker End Food Addiction and Diet Confusion with Sherry Strong and Ashley James on The Learn True Health Podcast: Take The 7 Day Food Challenge For More Energy

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Sherry is a food philosopher, author, chef, and nutritionist.  In Australia Sherry was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, and a TEDxTokyo presenter. Sherry was once twice her size. She practices what she teaches and has obtained amazing health. As founder of the Return to Food Academy, she trains people to become Food Coaches and through her 7 Day Challenge, she helps individuals gain health through learning new ways of eating that are satisfying and healthy. Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: Sherry's passion is training food coaches to make a living helping people develop a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet using the philosophies and strategies that she has developed over the last +30 years. Sherry teaches two lessons from her book during our interview: 1. Nature's Principle - Nutrition that is most present in our life is what we need the most of. Air and water are the most primary life dependent nutrient. Vegetation (vegetables) are the third. Easier to obtain nuts, seeds and berries are next. Fruit and then animal protein is last. In the wild, we would rather find and cook an egg or a fish than kill, bleed, gut and skin or pluck a chicken or lamb. If we had to live in nature we would eat much differently. If we think of the hierarchy of how we would eat if we depended on nature we would eat more of the foods that are easy to obtain and less of the foods that are harder to obtain. 2. The Lethal Recipe - How we are producing our food has to lead to a huge rise in "lifestyle" diseases. These diseases are directly from how we eat.  Many foods in our grocery store are as processed as heroin or cocaine. It's artificial, chemical, toxic and void of nutrition. These foods are refined grains, sugars, oils, salts and chemicals. Also, dairy and soy products are often manipulated until they are unhealthy. Through the process of making these packaged foods, they denature the nutrition, remove minerals and add addictive chemicals. Here’s What You’ll Discover: Why diets don't work Dangers of the cult of thin & fit The Power of Eating Together The most vital nutrient deficiency facing mankind The relationship between food addiction and connection How does Nature tell us what to eat? What is the Consumption Concept and how does that philosophy relate to real life? Health AH-HA Moment: There are just as many skinny people who develop diabetes as obese people. Obesity doesn't cause diabetes, it's the foods we are eating. Processed foods are highly addictive.  Sugar lights up the brain 8x more than cocaine does. Your Challenge:    1 - Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: 2 - Start looking at your food and ask yourself "Was this produced out of love or fear?"  "Am I making this choice because I am loving my body or because I am afraid?" Was the food manufactured or grown out of love? Think of the chain of custody from seed to your plate. The farmer, grocer, the company that made it and the person that cooked it. Finally, create an environment where you eat surrounded by those who love each other. Resources: Watch Sherry Strong's TEDx Talk: Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: BOOK - Return to Food: To order high-quality supplements:

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