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58 Stop ADHD Naturally and Thrive Drug-Free with Donnie DeSanti and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast: How Donnie DeSanti Got OFF His Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication Naturally And Went On To Help Others Do The Same

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Donnie DeSanti is a Certified Health Coach who, back in High School, got off his meds and reversed his ADHD naturally after being in Ritalin for 8 years! He went on to help his mom cure her own breast cancer using natural means and after a lifetime of helping others with their diet, lifestyle and nutrition gained certification as a health coach and has been helping many people make great life changes that help their whole family have more energy, better sleep, and a healthy weight. "As a Health Coach, I aim to teach others how to incorporate small changes into their day to day lifestyle to improve the quality of life. You can learn more about my mission here at" Donnie DeSanti offers one on one health coaching and creates personalized programs that best fit your needs. He also provides group programs for those who are inspired by group dynamics. Donnie teaches his clients everything from how to have better sleep habits to fueling the body with nutrients so energy becomes natural, rather than forced. With more productive, long lasting, energy, those daily tasks and responsibilities are manageable, in fact, enjoyable. Once an individual feels energized with a more positive mindset, one can begin to set weight loss goals and seek a more fulfilling life. Three actionable steps Donnie DeSanti recommends taking for better health are to: 1 ) Start your day with an inner bath- Before coffee, tea, and even food, why not start the day with a warm cup of water with half of a lemon squeezed in? Since our bodies are most dehydrated and most acidic in the morning, the lemon helps flush out the acidity and toxins, while re-hydrating the body. Most of my clients find this helpful tip the most effective/beneficial addition to their health practice. 2 ) Kick up sleep game- Sleep is one of the most overlooked luxuries we can treat ourselves to. When it comes to a good night sleep, darkness is our friend. Ideally, we should follow the flow of nature by dimming down all the synthetic lights in our life once the sun has set. Shut down the computer, turn off the TV’s, and put down your phone. When we do not follow the natural nighttime rhythm and subject ourselves to a variety of artificial lights, we are essentially sending a message to our brains, through our eyes, that it’s in fact still daytime. In turn, the obedient body listens and starts to produce more cortisol, the energy hormone, in order to keep us up. To prevent a surge of nighttime energy, make the bedroom as dark as possible at night and keep the TV and other bright lights outside the bedroom. Our difficulty in seeing in the dark should reassure us that we are not night owls, yet we continue to burn the midnight oil. It's time to set an earlier curfew. When we stay up late, we are missing out on the most crucial hours of sleep. To be specific, studies show the most reparative hours of sleep occur in the beginning hours of the night between 9-11 pm. During this time, our bodies drift off into a deeper sleep state that helps strengthen the immune system, keeps our cells healthy, and produces more efficient energy for the next day. 3 )  Change your mindset- A healthier, more fulfilling life starts with the thoughts you have about yourself. Stress is the silent killer inside our bodies and the negative effects are often overlooked. Change your thoughts and you can change your world. Start to be a guardian of what goes through your mind. Donnie's Facebook group: Life In Balance Tribe,   Join our Facebook group! A growing community of listeners and expert guests that support each other in learning true health! To order high-quality supplements:

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