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Ep. 49: Digestive and Hormonal Healing, the Impacts of Poor Health on Our Relationship with Food, Individuality in Medicine, the Power of Perspective, Stigma Around Anti-Anxiety Medication, and Other Real Talk with Kait Miller: Live date: 7/6/2018

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  This episode is INCREDIBLE- we covered a lot of topics as Kait walks us through her healing journey. She has recovered from digestive woes, hormonal dis-regulation and a disordered relationship with food. She discusses how she ended up with orthorexic tendencies and fear around food due to health issues but found that in order to fully heal, she had to re-evaluate her mentality around food. She is open and honest about the highs and lows of healing and how this hard time ultimately lead her to become re-align with her true calling. Kait emphasizes the importance of individuality in both western and eastern medicine and discusses the value of living in the grey area pertaining to both food and medicine. Kait discusses the stigma around certain medications (like SSRIs) and how this didn’t prevent her from making the best decision for herself. Kait describes her story to health as “a journey of perspective” and emphasizes the power of optimism and positive self talk during recovery and healing.   Connect with Kait: Instagram  Website    Connect with us: Meg’s Instagram  Victoria’s Instagram    Victoria’s Website  Nourishing Women Instagram    Links: Kait’s favorite lipstick You are a Badass book How to Live Instinctually E-book Become a client @ Nourishing Minds Nutrition  Listen to our episode on The Liveng Proof Podcast 

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