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Book XVI Cathedral

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Book XVI Cathedral

Lunghezza: 398 pagine6 ore


The Cathedral of New Thuringa: “From our firm foundation, there came a time of chaos and confusion. But our souls retained the beauty of the belief in the God of All. As our faith rises, so will our spirits rise to a better future.” Hope grows as the Thuringi Armada approaches Earth, the threat of a coup over, and fact-finding Earthians visit the fleet. The Fresh family of D’tai turn to Grace Phillipi for help, and the Armada welcomes an unusual new citizen. At the Stellar Council trouble arises from a visit by the cannibalistic Lampere and unexpected cooperation is gained from the Shargassi. The strength and willpower of Maranta Shanaugh is tested as his Earthian host Marty Sheridan faces unthinkable loss in this seventeenth installment of the saga of the Thuringi people’s exodus to a new home world.

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