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CA Sunshine Diet: How I Lost 75 lbs in 6 Months

CA Sunshine Diet: How I Lost 75 lbs in 6 Months

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CA Sunshine Diet: How I Lost 75 lbs in 6 Months

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Jun 1, 2019


Tried a discouraging amount of diets and failed at every single one? Same, girl. That's when I decided enough was enough and I was finally going to do it my own way.


And guess what... it worked!! The CA Sunshine Diet wasn't created by a woman who was super obsessed with nutrition, and thought that pumping out reps at the gym sounded like a good time. No, it was created by someone who ate as a response to pretty much everything, cringed at even the -idea- of working out, consumed a steady diet of energy drinks and instant gratification foods, and was beyond desperate to find a way to change.


By about day 2 or 3 of other diets I had always caved and waved sianara, because the assigned foods and lack of freedom was unrealistic and way too confining. This plan is different.


It provides an OUTLINE that allows you to personalize it to make it suitable for YOUR specific likes and lifestyle. It teaches the framework to make the diet work; but YOU get to fill in the foods and actions you like so it's realistic and doable for you.


It offers: Guidelines for main foods. SOS help for hard urges. An encouraging angle on water. Tips to get you moving: different than traditional gym exercise. A built-in cheat when you really need it. Teaching on how to make intermittent fasting a normal part of life. And so much more...


It's the real real. It's made by and written for the woman who loves to eat (often emotionally or as a response), who is ready to turn the other way when you mention the gym, but who needs, desires, and deserves a healthier body and weight.


My shape and habits suggested change was hopeless, but my heart refused to accept my heaviest state as a life sentence.


Won't you let me share my secrets with you? Let's get you your Redemption Song.

Jun 1, 2019

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CA Sunshine Diet - Leah Pietrzak



by Leah Pietrzak

The CS Sunshine Diet

by Leah Pietrzak

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.

This booklet is dedicated to:


Anyone who ever believed in me when circumstance said otherwise.


Anyone who decides to keep trying even though it may look & seem hopeless.

NO person or situation is a lost cause.

And, we are capable, of what we believe is possible.

Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1 - How Did This Start & What Are We Eating

Chapter 2 - The Water Thang

Chapter 3 - Hot Drank

Chapter 4 - Fast

Chapter 5 - Lunchtime

Chapter 6 - Dinnertime

Chapter 7 - Peanut Butter Break

Chapter 8 - The Cheat

Chapter 9 - I like to Move it, Move it

Chapter 10 - Sugar Snake

Chapter 11 - Extra Thoughts On Agua

Chapter 12 - Facts on Fasting

Chapter 13 - Visualize your *New You*

Chapter 14 - Our Ex-intimdating New Bff: The Scale

Chapter 15 - Snack Attack

Chapter 16 - Pure

Chapter 17 - Vitaminz & A 1-year Check In

Chapter 18 - Auf Wiedersehen


This is the story all about how….

I weighed 190 pounds, I felt terrible about myself,

I had no idea if I was ever going to actually lose the weight,

and it was sad.

Hi friend!

My name is Leah. I was born in March of 1987 and I grew up in a pretty cool town in Wisconsin. We have intense seasons there; the ugliest springs, hot, lush summers, the most beautiful golden autumns, and the loooongest, very cold winters. Just want to give you a little context.

I’m a child of 10 brothers & sisters. I have an older step brother & sister. I have one older OG brother. And I have six younger siblings with a different Dad. We are all family; it doesn’t matter. But that’s where I fall. On one side I’m the baby, on the other side I’m the oldest sister. Confusing right? I know.

My parents (divorced & Dad remarried to someone awesome), are truly, really great people. I realized about a year ago that I am really blessed. They are down to earth, honest, positive, kind, have integrity, and a sense of humor. I like them. Haha.

Growing up I had always been skinny with a great metabolism, like a lot of us were in our youth. As I got further into my twenties, the weight began to accumulate more, and became much harder to keep under control. The point things really took a dramatic turn was after I had been married for a few years, and starting working from home. I was getting even LESS natural exercise, and a whole kitchen of food was just steps from my work area.

At my heaviest point my 5’5" frame was bulging from my belly and my butt and I weighed 190 lbs. I was so uncomfortable with myself. I spent an excessive amount of time and money dressing for my shape to play down the parts I didn’t like. (Mostly all of them). It was exhausting and my heart was so heavy.

This is an explanation of how I lost 75 lbs in 6 months. I’m telling it because it may be able to help you. When I started this Sunshine Diet journey, I didn’t know if I would actually reach the weight I wanted to. I just, made some real decisions, and started.

So… Let’s start.


First, we need to get a few things out of the way right off the bat. I’m not a super technical person. Facts matter and truth matters- but I’m not here to sound smart and I’m not trying to impress anyone; so let’s just keep that in mind. Capish?

Also, I’m going

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