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Healing Meditations

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Healing Meditations

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 27 pagine25 minuti


First published in 1932, this little book from Swami Paramananda, the highly-regarded Vedanta philosopher and teacher, contains nine guided meditations—one each for the individual to address life’s problems and issues.

“THERE is nothing so potent as meditation to re-establish our rhythm when our mind is tossed by the waves of unruly thought.

“There is no ill in life that cannot be cured by right meditation.

“True meditation purifies our mind and clarifies our vision.

“True meditation gives us, as it were, wings for flight to a higher realm and thus detaches us from terrestrial fetters.

“It is through the habit of meditation we overcome all our sorrows and afflictions.

“For every ill there is a meditation. There is the Meditation of Life, Meditation of Light, Meditation of Purity, Meditation of Humility, Meditation of Joy, Meditation of Freedom, Meditation of Love, Meditation of Wisdom, Meditation of Peace.”—Swami Paramananda
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