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Flowers as Vegetables

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Flowers as Vegetables

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Flowers have been used for various food purposes since time immemorial. Though not all flowers are edible or consumable, there are a large number of flowers that can be used for various food purposes such as garnishing, flavoring, food coloring, and culinary purposes. Some examples of flowers that are used for food coloring and flavoring purposes are roses, hibiscus flowers, marigold flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, and basil flowers. A few examples of flowers that are used for garnishing purposes are cilantro flowers, flowers belonging to the Onion and Garlic family (Allium spp.), and mint flowers.
Some flowers and flower clusters such as broccoli flower clusters and calabash gourd white flowers are not only edible but rich in nutrients also. They are used for various culinary purposes such as for the preparation of various vegetable dishes, soups, and fried snacks. One of the most important edible flowers that require a special mentioning in this booklet is banana blossoms.

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