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Self-Discipline to Exercise

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Self-Discipline to Exercise

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Do you know you need to get more exercise, but have no idea where to start?
Have you started exercising, but lacked the self-discipline to keep going past a week?
Is it motivation that has always scuppered your good intentions?

This book provides excellent insight into the psychological difficulties that most of us face when attempting to exercise.

You'll learn to:
• Combat the excuses you make to others, and yourself, to avoid exercise.
• Fight temptations that lead you astray from your plans for physical exercise.
• Tackle your motivational bugbears to remain on track for your targets and goals.
• Take small steps to ensure long-term success in meeting your aims.
• Make new, positive changes to your life that will become habits.
• Maintain your focus on the path you need to follow for positive results.
• Keep up your willpower via a variety of means.
• Plan not only your exercises, but also your schedule, so you don't postpone any workouts.
• Get over your mistakes and pursue your goals while learning what you can do better.

So, don't waste another moment! Download this amazing book now to start your journey to a better you!

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