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Suprising Mixed Wrestling Wins:Breaking His Male Ego

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Suprising Mixed Wrestling Wins:Breaking His Male Ego

Lunghezza: 63 pagine39 minuti


For over two decades I have had the pleasure of meeting dozens of strong, skilled, dominant women who know how to put the fellas in their place! You will love the pics and profiles of these ladies. See what it's like for the women to defeat their male adversaries and see how the guys feel after they are humbled and humiliated by a lady.

Simona is first up and this curvy lady is a martial artist who has also become quite comfortable in the weight room. She isn't much over five-foot-tall, but Simona can and has made big, strong men beg for mercy. See what kinds of challenges she has received and how she has handled/educated these men. Fans of the powerful, surprising woman-next-door will love Simona.

Sasha and Eleanor are next and these Polish sisters will delight and amaze you! The pics alone will leave you breathless and begging for more! Learn about their background, their training and their amazing experiences defeating, dominating and humiliating their male opponents. Some of the guys are random opponents and some of them are relatives/friends who need to deal with their new reality.

Elle and Mariane are next and these are not your everyday little ladies. Neither of these women take any crap from anyone! They don't look intimidating at first, but once you see the hardness of their biceps and their steel-legs you will both fall in love and be a bit intimidated! Neither of these women have any issue with putting a defeated man between their legs and squeezing them to total submission. If they pass out then, well, so be it!

Cindy is a very strong lady who humbles the men in her house. How does it feel for a woman to be stronger than her grown-man-son? How does the family dynamic change when mom overpowers dad? Cindy has a sweet smile and a killer body!

If you like strong, skilled, powerful women, then this book and all of my ebooks will delight you. While men are, often times, bigger and stronger this isn't always the case. Nowadays many women are lifting weights and learning to fight. It is no longer rare for a woman to be able to crush the fellas. If you like seeing female muscle and reading about female victories in Mixed/Intergender Wrestling then check out all of my books!

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