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Vintage Cooking From the 1800s - Poultry

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Vintage Cooking From the 1800s - Poultry

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Step back in time.....  and discover how people prepared and cooked poultry in the 1800s. 

Gas and electricity weren't available in homes back then, so they used an open hearth fireplace or wood burning stove. What a lot of work that was!

The information and recipes in this book were compiled from cookbooks published in the 1800s.

Although cookbooks were helpful, people really learned through experience.

DISCLAIMER - Some of the practices from this time period will not conform with modern food safety standards. Although many of the recipes can be adapted to cook today, the information in this book is mainly for informational and educational purposes.

In this book, you learn to select and dress poultry, keep it fresh, and various ways to cook it. There are recipes for chicken, duck, goose and turkey.

Some sample recipes:

pickled chicken fried chicken, Spanish style chicken curry chicken croquettes potted chicken boiled turkey jellied turkey deviled turkey turkey loaf stewed ducks hashed ducks roast duck in the oven roast goose over a fire fricasseed turkey or goose giblets sautéed chicken livers cracker stuffing potato stuffing gravy for turkey gravy without meat bread sauce for fowls fine goose pie gumbo soup force meat balls for soup

Also included: 

Glossary - Vintage Cooking Terms and Definitions.

Sources - Cookbooks I referenced in case you'd like to read them as they were originally written.

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