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Vintage Cooking From the 1800s - Hints

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Vintage Cooking From the 1800s - Hints

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STEP BACK IN TIME.... and imagine how difficult it was to prepare and cook food before gas and electricity was available. Advice and cooking hints were sometimes included at the end of cookbooks, and greatly appreciated

This book includes authentic recipes and advice gathered from various cookbooks published in the 1800s.


~ To remove insects from vegetables which are being washed, put a pinch of borax in the water. It will bring any live insect to the surface at once.

~ Fresh eggs placed in cold water will immediately sink, while bad ones will float on top.

~ Try taking the beaten white of an egg when you have a sour stomach. It is very soothing to an irritated, sensitive stomach.

~ Iced tea requires only half as much sugar sweetened when hot than when cold.

~ Sweet potatoes and apples will not turn black if placed in salt water immediately after peeling.

~ Water from macaroni or rice after they have been cooked should be saved for soup and gravies.

~ To keep lemons, put them in water. Change once a week and they will keep a long time.

~ To keep milk sweet, put a spoon of grated horse-radish into the pan. It will keep it sweet for days.

~ Meats, fish and poultry can be kept fresh in hot weather by being sprinkled with a little powdered charcoal. This washes away easily just before cooking.

~ To keep weevils out of wheat, put the wheat in barrels, smooth it, and sprinkle a layer of salt over the top. Keep the barrels well covered by tying cloths over them; a sure preventive.

DISCLAIMER: The hints compiled for this book come from various cookbooks published in the 1800s. They are for information and historical reading. Many cooking practices from this time period will not conform with today's food safety standards, so use your judgement on whether a hint is applicable today.

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