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How to Beat Hair Loss in 9 Weeks - Naturally

How to Beat Hair Loss in 9 Weeks - Naturally

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How to Beat Hair Loss in 9 Weeks - Naturally

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Mar 24, 2019


Worried about your hair loss and want a proven method that is safe to use and really does weeks? Then this book is for you! Go from loss to hair regrowth using exactly the same organic treatment a fully qualified medical Doctor used and succeeded with. No drugs, chemicals or surgery! This precise, proven treatment course covers hair loss for Male and Female and all nationalities.

Alopecia is not a lifestyle choice and as many as 90% of all cases are curable!   In this book not only will you learn how to halt hair loss as quickly as in 6-9 weeks but will learn and follow the exact method that a real life doctor of medicine used to turn her own hair loss into healthy new hair growth within months after struggling for years with modern-day medications and off the shelf formulas.

Stephen Charles has been described as the "man who puts fear into hair loss", here's what you will get in this best seller;

•           The Causes of Hair Loss

•           Self-Diagnosis: Genetic or Self-Harming Habits

•           Things You Must Avoid that Make Alopecia Worse

•           Simple Changes that have Dramatic Impact - Fast

•           The 3 Treatment Stages

•           Homeopathic Treatments and Herbal Hair Packs

•           Organic Formulas: Shampoos, Cleansers & Conditioners

•           Step-By-Step: Cleanse, Prepare and Rejuvenate New Hair Growth

This book will lead you hand-in-hand from hair loss to hair regrowth using the exact same organic treatment plan that a fully qualified, medical doctor succeeded with even though she started out full of doubt! When looking for an effective route to hair regrowth you deserve nothing but the best. And it gets no better than this! Aimed at all ages and races, male and female. Don't wait and miss this opportunity – Buy Now

Mar 24, 2019

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How to Beat Hair Loss in 9 Weeks - Naturally - Stephen Charles


Your Introduction to Beating Male And Female Hair Loss

It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required.

Sir Winston Churchill

Hello, my name is Stephen Charles and I’ve written a whole series of ‘How To’s’ on hair loss including slightly differing versions for women and for men because believe me, there really can be some slight difference in the rejuvenation processes between the sexes, but in this comprehensive guide I have covered the entire process for both sexes, all ages and all races. I also run my own successful online Hair Rejuvenation Program too.

What I’m about to share with you in this eBook should dramatically change your viewpoint about hair loss and hair rejuvenation forever. But before you go any further into this book, I want to reveal 5 extremely important facts that I have discovered over the years during the course of my work;

#1: ALL Cases of EXCESSIVE Hair Fall Can Be Stopped to a Reasonable Degree

#2: In 90% of All Cases New Hair Re-Growth is Highly Achievable

#3: The BIGGEST cause for Hair Loss is Self-Inflicted Damage

#4: Prescription Drugs only Mask the Problem NOT Cure it

#5: The ONLY Way to Cure Hair Loss is to find, fix and cure the CORE Problem

..SO if you are REALLY serious about stopping further hair loss and are determined not just to beat your hair fall problem but actually regain all the hair you have lost, I personally believe you can do it — And after reading this YOU will believe it too!

But please hear this loud and clear — In my experience there is only one way to do it –By using a safe and natural, organic, and healthy way, NOT by taking pharmaceutical drugs or having expensive and ongoing transplant surgery!

.. AND that’s just not an unproven theory that I kick around either; in the very next chapter I want to introduce you to a fully qualified Doctor of medicine who followed my advice and used my very own system to cure her own hair problem after suffering for years with absolutely no sign of a cure

PLEASE NOTE: The time it takes to read this guide is most probably all it takes to finally say goodbye to the CONSTANT struggle of coping with the misery of hair loss and get your life back on track the way you want it.

The answers to curing hair loss are all here in this guide. Please read through it carefully, consume the information and advice, and ACT on it. Do that and you can’t fail to enjoy the success you deserve.

IMPORTANT: This guide is as relevant for anyone noticing excessive hair loss for the first time as it is for those who have been experiencing hair-fall related problems for a longer period.

Even More Important: This Rejuvenation Program Works! It took me 10 years to develop this method and many years after to perfect and hone it to a system that now achieves the same results in months as it took me in 10 years.

BUT Please do not jump right to the back and get started with the treatment programs before reading the book all through from the front – If you do that and still expect my program to work for you .. It won’t!

READ this guide in the right order, understand exactly what alopecia is and what we need to do to beat it — and only then proceed to the treatments.


Medical Endorsement From a Qualified Medical Practitioner:

In the brief introduction I mentioned that previously I met a doctor of medicine who I helped. At the time she was suffering from really heavy hair fall and her hair was rapidly turning grey even though she was still in her early 30’s.

Her name was Dr Tara Devi and despite all her medical qualifications and access to the very latest drugs, treatment and medications she had never got anywhere near to beating hair loss – Never mind actually re growing her hair.

Please read what she has to say;

"All of my life I’ve had difficulty with my hair, even while I maintained a high profile as a healthy physician and a model. From childhood, many girls are measured by their beauty, as well as their intelligence; I was no exception. I received critical comments about my appearance as girl due to my thin, grayish-colored hair that looked messy no matter how much it was styled. My academic performance quickly outstripped my appearance, and no matter how high my marks, I longed to also have the mark of a healthy, attractive woman-gorgeous hair. So with my relentless fear of social situations where I was expected to wear a dress and look pretty, one can imagine the excitement I felt when I discovered the methods that Stephen Charles, the man who puts fear into hair loss, describes in this book.

Even though I was excited to try these methods, I couldn’t help feeling doubtful. I had heard of diet, nutrition, herbal hair packs as we call them in India, and the other methods at which Steve is an acclaimed expert, but still, all in all, I had spent countless hours and dollars, seeking professional help.

The early experts had told me that because my social fears about my appearance, especially my hair, had developed over years, I could hardly expect to gain a rapid cure. They scheduled me to apply treatments with side effects weekly, for years, and visits to return endlessly to work on my problem.

Then, after a prolonged, life-threatening illness, I lost much of my hair. I followed the methods described in this book, as well as shaving it a few times, and it regrew better than before the illness. A relapse 2 more times induced falling, graying, coarseness and dullness, and I feared once again the negative impacts on my career, even after I became healthy again.

When I met Steve, I was surprised he was so knowledgeable about hair regrowth, and that he had also regrown hair. I had several male colleagues who had tried all of the medical treatments, diet, and surgery, and saw little change. We talked about how he had achieved this surprising result.

Steve’s methods work as well for others as they work for me. I am now in my mid-thirties, and while my sister’s hair has fallen and grayed, mine is as black, thick and healthy as the young girls and children I meet. We have millions of people suffering from hair loss, and largely due to ignorance and poor health habits. Their doctors have told them there is no cure, or that the cures will cause them to suffer painful side effects, and they are so upset that their bodies are full of stress. Now, if my lifetime problem could be cured in a matter of months, and maintained over several years, in spite of recovering from a major illness, Steve’s methods should be made available to all of those who are suffering hair loss, and from the social fears and stigmas that surround it. Why should you be afraid to speak publicly, meet clients, be photographed, perform, or even search for a life partner?

I am free now, and this book offers you the same choices. I am sure that it will be a bestseller because it goes far beyond stopping hair loss, or superficial cover-ups that make the hair appear to be healthier and thicker than it really is to teaching you what triggers any form of hair loss. By mastering the information in this book, you will be in control of your body and mind, and also your hair."

Dr. Tara Devi Yogeshwari, O.M.D., Dipl. C.H., C.I.Y.T.


If you had any doubts about tackling your hair loss condition by trying a healthy and alternative way I hope that testimonial from a genuine doctor has helped. Furthermore please read the next testimonial, also from a practising doctor of medicine who has worked with me on my 6-month Hair Rejuvenation program.

The present day market is saturated with hair care products—shampoos, conditioners and gels. However, what most of us do not know is that true healthy hair comes from within. As a doctor who believes in Integrative Medicine—medicine which combines medical therapies and natural alternative ways to promote holistic health— I strongly believe that healthy, beautiful hair is the product of a healthy diet, exercise, stress-reduction, natural herbal treatments and nutritional supplementation in the form of vitamins and minerals. Stephen Charles is an expert in this new and remarkable natural hair care discovery. He will teach you ways on how to prevent and treat hair loss and hair damage in the most natural, cost-effective and healthiest way possible. I highly recommend Stephen Charles’ hair care course!

Dr. Marie Laguna RMT, MD

Internal Medicine Physician


Chapter 1: Introduction Part 1. Hair Loss in Men

No offence intended, but I have written two brief introductions for this book, part one for men and part two for ladies. The reason is simple and not in any was sexist. It’s because guys lose concentration and in my opinion are for more difficult to treat than women....So Part 1 is for the guys whilst I still hold their attention :)

I have written and released many different books for hair loss, for men and for women and even for younger age groups. This is because there are some minor differences to be considered and dealt with. But the biggest difference has to be the way that society looks on hair loss between the two sexes, every day reactions, little glances and those awkward and embarrassing questions.

So, if the causes and types of hair loss are quite similar between men and women, then how do men and women, as different sexes, cope with it? Baldness in men is more socially acceptable than it is in women. I know it might not feel that way to any man who is starting to lose hair, but it definitely is more socially acceptable for men to suffer with hair loss than it is for women. If guys find it tough just imagine how it feels to be a woman dealing with baldness.

With men, to some degree, baldness is an expected part of the aging process. Indeed, the same hormones that cause chest hair, facial hair, and other masculine characteristics, also cause baldness. In fact, the shaved head look

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