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The Most Important Point: Zen Teachings of Edward Espe Brown

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The Most Important Point: Zen Teachings of Edward Espe Brown

Lunghezza: 247 pagine3 ore


From master baker, cook, and Zen priest Edward Espe Brown comes a collection of timeless essays on Zen, food, and life itself. Brown was among the Westerners ordained as priest by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi before his passing in 1971. Suzuki hoped that Zen might be transformed into a vibrant new form in the West--and in The Most Important Point, Brown fulfills his teacher’s wish with 60 essays that are distinctly American yet preserve the roots of traditional Japanese Zen.

?Drawing from his time in the kitchen and on the cushion, Brown explores a range of topics, from basic sitting practice to making the “perfect” biscuit and much more. “In the words of my teacher,” reflects Brown, “the most important point is to find out what is the most important point.” Flavored with wise insights and irreverent humor, The Most Important Point brings together a treasury of teachings to inspire your own discovery.
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