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African Healthy Food Secrets: Forgotten & Waning African Food Culture

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African Healthy Food Secrets: Forgotten & Waning African Food Culture

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"Eat Yourself Healthy: The Right Food is The Best Medicine"
Ever thought about how food, culture & migration could affect your health?

Starting a new life in a different country comes with enormous challenges. However, one part many people don't even think about is the impact of a complete nutritional change on our health which migration-process can trigger. Geography, habits, and culture are only a few factors that affect the way we eat in different parts of the world. Abandoning old, healthy, nutritional patterns or sticking to unhealthy home food without care and professional counselling can be fatal.
"African Healthy Food Secrets" 321 pages, published in full colour with many graphic images, is an important course on the tremendous, unreported African assets on health and nutrition. It suggests a healthy balance between dominant foods of the new host-country and the waning healthy food-cultures of the immigrant's home country. "The needed mix on food, faith and ancestry" could provide solutions to the modern versus rural nutrition-clash-dilemma and modern chronic diseases.  
The African Continent is the "World´s Biggest Home Pharmacy Store" full of rich medicinal plants, foods, nutrients and resources. Yet, our lack of awareness of these riches and their applications may cost many their health. Explore and discover African, century-old; nutrition adapted and passed on by our ancestors. There is so many tips, much knowledge, medicine, art and literature in the African food culture out there - unseen and unreported. Learn more about what we have, keep and harness these resources.
This work is a professional reflection on new ways to fix diversity-induced, nutritional health-problems with researched information and intercultural health awareness. It showcases how to break "cultural barriers" via culinary understanding. It is from our long human history and experience that the saying in German "Liebe geht durch den Magen" (The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach) is true in all cultures. Food is a wonderful "peacemaker & door-opener".
This book is a useful guide for all wishing to journey through the "African century-old nutrition secrets" to discover and make significant changes in their lives. Knowing your genetic code and choosing the adequate nutrition is the key to controlling your body and keeping illness afar. What and how you eat defines your health and the image you see in the mirror every morning. You are what you eat!

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