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Special Operations: Grant's Fury

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Special Operations: Grant's Fury

Lunghezza: 291 pagine4 ore


An old enemy, a Russian GRU colonel, is out for revenge against Army Ranger Lieutenant Jack Grant’s unit. The Rangers successfully defended a Kurdish village from a Russian chemical attack. Now the Russian wants payback for his humiliation. He has the perfect weapon. A nerve agent which will deliver a slow and lingering death. The toxin is made in a laboratory hidden deep inside the icy wastes of Siberia. Action is needed to destroy it, yet bureaucratic delays mean the Pentagon and CIA response is taking too long. For Grant, the only honorable course is to take action before it is too late.

From the moment the Rangers set foot in Russia, they are up against a cruel enemy who always has one finger on the trigger. It is the most dangerous mission of their lives. To destroy the laboratory and get out alive. Infiltrating the Siberian facility will be almost impossible, yet even if they do succeed, the battle will not be over. Getting out will take a miracle.

Special Operations: Grant’s Fury is an incredible story of tough, violent men fighting their way from Moscow to the Arctic conditions of Siberia. The harshest, most hostile environment on Earth. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops books. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, Heroes of Afghanistan, Raider, Echo Six, and Devil's Guard titles.

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