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Bonsai: Introduction to Miniature Shrub and Tree Gardening for Newbies

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Bonsai: Introduction to Miniature Shrub and Tree Gardening for Newbies

Lunghezza: 81 pagine41 minuti


Table of Contents

Knowing More about Your Bonsai
Best Choices of Bonsai Plant Varieties
Dwarfing Your Plants Artificially
Root pruning and shaping of your Bonsai
Some Tips and Tricks
Maintenance and Care Of Your Bonsai
The Rule of Thumb While Deciding When to Water Your Bonsai
Pot bound bonsais [repotting when necessary]
Collecting a natural bonsai in the Wild
Collecting Trip Equipment
Another Procedure – 3 Year Method for Potential Bonsais
Author Bio


I was about nine years old when I read about bonsais – miniature trees, in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. At that time, 70s and the Britannica volumes had been published in the 50s, this particular encyclopedia had a tendency of abbreviating the descriptions and the knowledge about anything about which they knew nothing! So as nobody was there to tell them about me nature plants and miniature shrubs, which were so common in the mysterious East and Oriental Gardens, they had just written about two paragraphs about them.

So I went to the source of more information, father and asked him to elucidate. He immediately explained that bonsai was the Japanese name given to plants, which were fully grown trees, but were miniature. He also explained about little orange trees, which were about 12 to 18 inches in size and were laden with orange fruit. This was very fascinating. We needed bonsais in our garden, I and my younger brother. Like right now.

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