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52 Weeks to Meditation: A Self-Guided Journey

52 Weeks to Meditation: A Self-Guided Journey

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52 Weeks to Meditation: A Self-Guided Journey

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Mar 10, 2019


Go on a one year journey of self-guided meditation with this easy to use prayer and meditation guidebook by renowned podcast host and personality, Rosie Tran. Rosie provides guidance for centered living in a roller coaster world, filled with ups and downs. With a weekly lesson for study, along with a daily prayer and meditation to focus on, this book provides excellent Self-Help tools for everyday life. "52 Weeks to Meditation: A Self-Guided Journey" is a great starting point for anyone learning about inner work for the first time or a helpful addition for those experienced with self reflection.

Mar 10, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Rosie Tran is a popular podcast host, author, and personality. She is a graduate of the LifeSpring Transformational Trainings, and has her Master’s Degree in Communications from California State University. She hosts the highly rated podcast, “Out of the Box with Rosie Tran”. Rosie currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two dogs.

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52 Weeks to Meditation - Rosie Tran



This book is dedicated to my loving husband and pets. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.


My journey on the path of spirituality was a winding road, to say the least. I grew up in a large family with many different religious backgrounds. Part of my family is devoutly Buddhist, while the other part is Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Agnostic, and everything else in-between. I was Atheist for many years, disillusioned by conventional and organized religion. In my early twenties, I became more spiritual and delved into alternative religions, finally following the New Thought Movement.

I have written this book so that, no matter what your idea of God may be, or whatever religion you choose, you can use the tools in this book to help you deepen your awareness with the Spirit. This book is a weekly guide to help you through your journey. Each week, there is a lesson or thought for self-reflection. I chose struggles and ideas that I relate to and think many of us deal with in general. At the end of each lesson is an affirmative prayer. Say the prayer aloud to yourself or to God each day, as many times as you like until you feel you embody it.

I am a strong believer of affirmative prayer, as many scientific studies suggest that the words we say do help to create our reality. So, why not say something positive to yourself and let God guide you? Feel free to come back to the lesson throughout the week. Many of these concepts such as forgiveness, empathy, and love sound so simple. However, if you've done the hard work, you know some take a lifetime to fully learn. This book is meant to be a starting guide. I hope I can support you on your way to spiritual awakening!



Week 1

Fresh New Year

The new year is a time of renewal for many people, a time to start fresh. Going into this year, it is important to go at the core of what sabotages our efforts to bring successful resolutions into our lives – lack of self-worth and value. What did I do last year to prevent myself from reaching my goals? Why did I do this? What am I committed to creating this year? What goals really matter most to me?

Many times we are not present to what we do in preventing our own happiness. It is easier to blame others, but hindsight is always 20/20. Why not look at what did and did not work for your life that you did last year? Use your 20/20 vision to prevent these mistakes in your new year. Self-meditation brings awareness. Awareness brings change. This week, focus on getting clarity in your life. Take time every day to meditate on what you truly want to accomplish, without overwhelming yourself with too many goals.

God, please give me the courage to look at myself as I journey into this new year. I am committed to creating the results in my life that I want this year no matter what it takes. Lord, let me have the strength to let go of my bad habits and be able to nurture my good qualities.

Week 2

Overcoming Excuses

I'll do it tomorrow, I would say. I'm just so busy. There's no time, I would pout. Excuses are very easy to come by when you don't want to do something. But I have two kids. There is no time for me! Someone might say. Excuses can be very valid and very true, but they are just that - excuses. When we realize that making time for ourselves is essential to our sanity, making time can be easier than we think.

We find time for our children, spouses, family members, friends, helping others, and even our pets, but there never seems to be any time for what we want. Where does all that time come from for others? We make that time. We hold a certain amount of time for the ones we love because they are important to us, but very few of us give that same attention to ourselves. We can create that time for self-love and self-care the same way we would schedule time for a child's soccer game or a spouse's special event.

We put our own health first, when we really need it. This self-time gives us the power to give to others with our fullest heart. This week, make it a goal to take time for yourself every day to rest, relax, reflect, and

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