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Enchanted Moments Bracelet Pattern

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Enchanted Moments Bracelet Pattern

Lunghezza: 63 pagine13 minuti


This pattern is for the Enchanted Moments Bracelet and also some basic getting started beading instructions.

The Enchanted Moments Bracelet Pattern includes step-by-step directions and full color illustrations.
Project Type: Bead Weaving
Stitch: net weave
Beads Used:
A = Miyuki 11° SEED bead, 44* beads
C = 4 mm crystals, 4* beads
D = Diamond 2 hole bead, 5* beads
LZ = Czech ZoliDuo Left 5x8 mm beads, 2* beads
RZ = Czech ZoliDuo Right 5x8 mm beads, 2* beads
*Beads counts are per repeat (Unit), repeats for this necklace are about 1/2 inch.

Nymo D, C-Lon Thread or Fireline (4 or 6 pound), #11 or #12 beading needle

Approx Finished Size: bracelet made to fit
Skill Level: very advanced beginner to intermediate, some experience in bead weaving is needed

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