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Essentially Aubergines

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Essentially Aubergines

Valutazione: 2 stelle su 52/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 240 pagine1 ora


Eggplant recipes from around the world—beyond the Mediterranean and the Middle East!
The eggplant, also known as the aubergine, has come to epitomize Mediterranean cooking—but it is in fact an Asian immigrant from China. They’re not always a rich purple-black: Depending on where you travel you can find lilac verging on pink, green-tinged, or pure ivory—plain, mottled, or streaked. And as versatile as this vegetable-like fruit is, so are the ways of preparing it.
This book reveals that there are numerous methods of cooking eggplant—you can stew it in the French and Italian style, slice it and fry it, halve it and grill it, or bake it whole. So if your repertoire of eggplant recipes is limited to ratatouille or moussaka, join Nina Kehayan as she introduces you to 150 recipes from every corner of the world from the Near East to the Far East, from South America to Russia and beyond—and shares her family’s passion for them and stories of their journey over generations from Russia to Provence.
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