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Walk to Freedom: Kriegsgefangenen #6410 - Prisoner of War

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Walk to Freedom: Kriegsgefangenen #6410 - Prisoner of War

Lunghezza: 416 pagine3 ore


June 30, 1944, fifty members of the United States 460th Bomb Group came under heavy attack on their mission to destroy German oil refineries in Silesia, Hungary, when German twin-engine Me-410 fighters blasted seven B-24s out of the sky. Seventeen airmen were killed, twenty-four captured, many of them badly burned, wounded or beaten to death by Hungarian peasants after parachuting to the ground. One survivor, T/Sgt. John L. Lenburg, was among those taken prisoner (his German code name: "Kriegsgefangenen #6410") with the crew of the B-24, "Miss Fortune," never knowing if he would see his homeland again. 

WALK TO FREEDOM: Kriegsgefangenen #6410 - Prisoner of War recounts Lenburg's remarkable journey--his experiences and harrowing missions in the Army Air Force during World War II, his tortuous 327 days of captivity in a Nazi concentration camp, including the inhumane treatment and horrific conditions, mental and physical abuse, and starvation and doubts, and his long walk to freedom in this revised, expanded, and copiously illustrated biography.


"A stirring account of experiences in the Army Air Force during World War II and particularly his time in a Nazi prison camp." - Indianapolis Star

"A powerful saga of violence, suffering, strength of character and the determination to persevere...a welcome and much appreciated contribution to the growing library of World War II combatant biographies and eye-witness memoirs." --Midwest Book Review

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