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A Reluctant White Knight: Volume 5 Splash Landing !

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A Reluctant White Knight: Volume 5 Splash Landing !

Lunghezza: 313 pagine4 ore


Volume 5 of the Suspense/Romance novel series A Reluctant White Knight. Splash Landing finds the series primary characters, Tom and Sunny Rowter in trouble again. Attacked without warning but saved by a stranger who turns out to be no stranger to a family member. What evil, power hungry madmen are behind these frequent attacks? And how far will they go? But the family is safe when they retreat to their west Texas ranch compound. Or are they? There's also the question of how this stranger who rescued them fits in with the whole family. Can he be trusted to help bring an end to these vicious attacks? Or will he become collateral damage? Speaking of collateral damage - ? Nope. You'll have to read "Splash Landing" for your self to find out more.

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