BluBerrie: The Candy-Store: Additional BluBerrie Books Available: The Party | The Pond, #3

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BluBerrie: The Candy-Store: Additional BluBerrie Books Available: The Party | The Pond, #3

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Sweets are a great enticement for the BluBerrie kids to join  Cindy Sue, in another hilarious adventure with Jimmy Boyd 's tiny, tiniest pet turtle, BluBerrie, at her father's candy store. But an unexpected black-out puts a damper on the festive activities, and they soon find themselves with no adult to ease their fears. Almost immediately, they hear a mysterious sound coming from the basement, and of course, Cindy Sue takes charge of the investigation. While others, at first, remain uncertain whether to join in the exploration, the schoolmates eventually stick together to overcome the challenges Cindy Sue encourages them to face. We also learn our mischievous tiny, tiniest of turtles continue to help young listeners, with her uncanny ability to get into trouble. And thus, indirectly uncovering what it means to be a leader, working together for a higher purpose, and the value of exploring the unknown.

"The Candy-Store", the third book in the BluBerrie Series, is a colorfully illustrated fun-filled chapter book for children. Within it, the stage is set to allow the young listeners, ample opportunity throughout the reading, to exercise their imaginations and participate by adding to the storytelling process. It includes an ending that will leave the young listeners wondering and seeking more BluBerrie adventures.  

Included in the new BluBerrie: "The Candy-Store" chapter book:

• Ten full-color illustrations throughout to help visualize the characters in action (Drawn by the author himself, a surrealist painter and illustrator)

• Plus highlighted breaks for reader enhancement in a larger formatted book

• A great gift for storytellers.

BluBerrie chapter books are best read aloud by an adult to the child. Scattered throughout, the highlighted breaks allows for questions, responses, and interaction between the listeners and the reader. The reader is encouraged to add their own breaks and comments to motivate the children to take part in or to help with answering questions.

Have fun reading aloud "The Candy-Store," the newest chapter book in the BluBerrie series for children.

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