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Goodbye, Pills & Needles: A Total Re-Think of Type II Diabetes. And a 90 Day Cure

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Goodbye, Pills & Needles: A Total Re-Think of Type II Diabetes. And a 90 Day Cure

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Were you aware that diabetes drugs can actually worsen the risk of heart disease? Type II diabetes treatment is a massive industry, but terrible medicine. Finally, in this book, the myths, disinformation and malpractice responsible for the global pandemic of Type II diabetes are exposed and refuted.

This book is your detailed, hands-on guide for successfully curing your Type II diabetes. The author is a scientist who has beaten his own diabetes. He covers the background, history and facts you need, to confidently beat your own Type II diabetes. You’ll understand the nutrition and science of overall health, where your blood sugar normalizes naturally. Inform yourself, take back control of your health, and rid yourself of type II diabetes in under 90 days! Also:

Type I and Type II diabetes are very different diseases, yet Type II diabetes is treated with the same narrow objective, of forcing reluctant cells to take up excess glucose. This mistake, never revisited until now, has caused serious damage to the health of Type II diabetics.

Insulin resistance is not a ‘malfunction’ to be fixed. It’s the cell’s defensive response to the toxicity of excessive glucose uptake. But medicine overrides these natural defenses with drugs--force feeding glucose to cells. No thought is given to how cells are supposed to metabolize all that excess glucose. If the problem is not correctly defined, how can any proposed solution be effective?

Type II diabetes is an out-of-control ‘feedback loop’of escalating insulin resistance. Early in human history, this allowed the body to pack on necessary fat when carbohydrates were seasonally plentiful. Today’s artificial state of ‘permanent abundance’ has interfered with the body’s corrective phase. Learn how you can break the insulin resistance feedback loop and restore balance, in 90 days, by tapping into your body’s own genetic programming.

Type II diabetes is a nutritional disease, with a nutritional cure. And best of all, you need never go hungry to achieve it! Also, discover ways to convert your favorite recipes into ones that won’t harm your health.

You’ll understand why nearly everything we have been taught about a ‘connection’ between dietary fat and heart disease risk is dead wrong. You’ll also learn the three ways that diabetes causes high blood pressure, and how this can be reversed, including the unique challenges faced by diabetics.

You’ll get an honest and practical handbook that works and all the author’s tips, experiences, mistakes and lessons learned in curing himself in less than 90 days.

You will have the necessary tools and information to proceed with confidence, as you beat your own Type II diabetes!

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