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The Charming Shifter Mysteries

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The Charming Shifter Mysteries

Lunghezza: serie


The Entire Collection of the Charming Shifter Mysteries

Fans LOVE this FUNNY and SEXY Urban Fantasy Series! A #1 Most Wished for Horror Anthology.

"Let's go save some shifters!" And with that sentence out of her mouth, Chia and trouble are about to collide!

In her quest to find her supernatural powers, town manager Chia honestly doesn't go looking for trouble. The thing is, trouble doesn't just find her, it moves in, puts the toilet paper on the wrong way, and eats the last of the chips and salsa.

If it's not slick politicians or money-grubbing developers, it's practical-joking vampires—the kind who live in her basement, shifters who keep getting themselves murdered, and gossipy ghosts with guilt-trips.

That's not even counting the crazy, hot bounty hunter who is hung up on solving murders, or taking down bad guys...when he's not trying to get Chia to bed.

There is only so much trouble a woman can take. All she's left with are questions. Like, what's this mysterious connection with her vampire roommate and her throbbing bloodstream? Why do the dead guys keep re-appearing? And how can she possibly take down evil when she can't seem to access her own magic with any consistency?

With trouble at every corner, and evil in the wings, the Charming, Alaska town manager will be with you in the order your call was received--if she can save her friends before they are destroyed.

The entire Charming Shifter Mysteries series, included in this set:

Storm Shift: Book 1, #1 in Vampire Suspense. #1 in Ghost Suspense. Top 5 Fairytale Fantasy
Power Shift: Book 2, a USA Today bestselling book, Top 25 in Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers, Vampire Thrillers
Blood Shift: Book 3
Soul Shift: Book 4
Star Shift: Book 5, the epic finale

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