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Failproof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting: Tips and Techniques to Help You Take a Trophy This Season

Failproof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting: Tips and Techniques to Help You Take a Trophy This Season

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Failproof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting: Tips and Techniques to Help You Take a Trophy This Season

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Aug 5, 2014


Fail-proof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting has it all! Veteran bowhunter Bob McNally brings together in one book the tips, tricks, and masterful secrets of the masters of whitetail bowhunting. More than thirty bowhunterswith six hundred years deer bowhunting experience and five thousand whitetails harvested between themoffer their sage advice on taking this most popular of North American big game animals.

Learn how to:
Choose the hunting bow that’s right for you
Manage land for BIG bucks!
Shoot a bow accurately
Call and decoy deer
Hunt the rut
Find choice deer foods
Pick hot tree stand sites
Use trail cameras
Plan bowhunts the right way
And so much more you need to know!

Failproof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting includes top whitetail hunters like Mark Drury, Matt Morrett, Fred Bear, Ted Nugent, Bill Jordan, Jim Crumley, Harold Knight, Ralph Cianciarulo, Stan Potts, David Blanton, Claude Pollington, Will Primos, and many others. If you’re looking to improve your chances of taking a deer this season, look no further! Learn from the experts; get bigger, better bucks.

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Aug 5, 2014

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Failproof Tactics for Whitetail Bowhunting - Bob McNally


Silence of the Limbs


Because bowhunting is a close-quarters game, those who are quiet succeed.

The wind howled and tree limbs swayed, but despite the poor conditions for deer to be on the prowl, suddenly a good buck stepped out of a willow thicket and stood broadside at 15 yards. The eight-pointer’s head turned left and right, and his alert twitching nose showed it was time to draw and shoot quickly, before he sensed danger.

Ronnie Cuz Strickland didn’t have time to check if Tack Robinson had turned on the video camera. His bow came up in the same fluid motion it had a thousand times before. He drew, anchored, and 72 pounds of compound launched an arrow so fast, he never picked up the shaft in flight.

In the swirling wind, Cuz never heard the arrow slam home. But when the deer bolted and ran, he saw the crimson-coated arrow buried in the dirt where the buck had stood.

Cuz turned to Tack, who was in another tree stand, behind him, to see if he’d recorded the action for a Mossy Oak video they were producing. Tack looked at Cuz, shocked and amazed.

Geezzz! Is that bow quiet! were his only words.

Cuz smiled but didn’t reply, because standing beneath his tree stand was a fat doe. She sniffed at the tree base, and Cuz slowly prepared for a gimme shot.

The doe walked out away from the tree and offered an easy 12-yard shot facing away. Cuz drew, anchored, and had his top three sight pins covering the back of her chest, behind the head. He let the arrow go, but incredibly the shaft missed.

That deer ducked the arrow! Tack blurted out in disbelief, watching through the video viewfinder.

No way, Cuz replied. This bow is too quick and quiet, and that deer was much too close to react fast enough for my arrow to miss. I just made a bad shot. Must have pulled off her somehow.

Well, I got the whole thing on video, and we’ll see what happened, Tack said.

That evening back at their hunting lodge, when Tack played the video, it revealed he was, indeed, correct. In the video, they could hear Cuz’s quiet bow twang softly, and before the 270-foot-per-second shaft reached the doe, a mere 12 yards away, the deer heard the shot, cringed, and the arrow sailed harmlessly over her back.

Although bowstring silencers can slow arrows down a few feet per second, for whitetail hunting they’re a good idea. CREDIT SIMS VIBRATION LABORATORIES

That doe in Tack’s video illustrates the importance of making a bow quiet. It proves the fastest bow in the hunting woods can’t out-maneuver a deer on alert. Moreover, even a bow tuned so perfectly that it goes off with a mere whisper still can make a deer explode into blurred motion, and send a hunting shaft awry.

The quieter your hunting bow, the more likely you’ll be successful with it. And there are some things you can do to deaden the sound.

The first thing a bowhunter should do is understand that he needs a smoother, quieter, and more ‘manageable’ bow than a 3-D shooter, who wants nothing but bow speed, says Cuz Strickland of Mossy Oak Television Productions, a widely traveled bowhunter with a Boone & Crockett buck to his credit. Usually, the more arrow speed the noisier the bow, because radical cams store more energy [for speed] than smoother, rounder wheels. Cams vibrate a lot more than round wheels during arrow release.

Cuz advises hunters who want quiet bows to visit a well-stocked archery pro shop and shoot, chronograph, and listen to a number of different bows. One that sounds quiet inside at a pro shop or indoor range will be a whisper when used for hunting in the woods.

It’s usually a good idea to choose a bow that allows the cables or string to set in the longest eccentric wheel slot at a weight that is easily managed by the shooter, Cuz advises. "Bows tend to perform better and quieter when they are long-slotted with the poundage near maximum.

Bows with one cam are a pretty good compromise, because you get speed with one cam and quiet operation with one wheel.

Cuz says after a bow is selected, proper basic tuning for quiet shooting comes next. He says it’s imperative to choose accessories very carefully—rests, overdraws, quivers, and sights contribute to vibration noise—selecting those with as few moving parts as possible. Be certain sight pins, quiver mounts, and overdraws are locked down securely. Loctite is an excellent product for securing screws and nuts so they do not become loose yet will break free easily, because parts coated with Loctite will not rust.

Quivers are some of the most common causes of noise, especially on high-speed bows with radical cams that create a lot of bow recoil. Many hunters have learned the best way to deal with quiver noise is to remove a quiver and hang it in the tree near their stand while hunting. Two-piece model quivers that attach securely to a bow’s limb bolts are among the quietest quivers available. Sims Vibration Laboratory has many innovative archery products made from the company’s remarkable NAVCOM material. Its rubber-like vibration dampeners of various types can be quickly added to a bow, quiver, and sight to deaden sound. Sims also makes quiver inserts of NAVCOM that fit inside a quiver hood to reduce noise and insure broadheads don’t rattle or dull from rubbing. Other companies, like New Archery Products (NAP), have similar add-on products.

Quivers are among the most common causes of noise, especially on high-speed bows with radical cams that create a lot of recoil. Archery products made from NAVCOM and vibration dampeners of various types can be quickly added to a quiver or other parts to deaden sound. CREDIT SIMS VIBRATION LABORATORIES

Some bowhunters commonly use thin rubber sheets like gaskets when attaching accessories to absorb and cushion parts during shooting. But Cuz says such gaskets are unnecessary if archers choose simple, well-made

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