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Lace Mandala Pillow Crochet Pattern

Lace Mandala Pillow Crochet Pattern

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Lace Mandala Pillow Crochet Pattern

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Dec 21, 2018


Inspired By The Open-Work Lace Designs Of Turkish Oya, Lace Mandala Pillow Gives The Illusion Of A Blooming Mandala Flower In The Resulting Negative Space Creating A Unique Decorative Throw Pillow. The Flower Image Pops Up As An Illusion In The Non-Crocheted Portion. It Gives A Nice Setting To Showcase The Design Perfectly And Makes It Look Almost Like Mandala.

The pattern has several picture tutorials to make it easier for you to understand it. Enjoy making this designer pillow!

Skill Level: Intermediate. Basic sewing skills required.
Finished sizes: 18 inch and 24 inch.
Suggested Yarn:
For the 18 inch pillow, you can use sport weight yarn. You will need approximately 250 g/ 9 oz of sports weight 5 ply (12 WPI) yarn.
For the 24 inch pillow, you will need approximately 400 g/ 14 oz of light worsted weight yarn.
Crochet Hook Size:
For 18 inch pillow made using sport weight yarn, you will need: 3mm hook or size needed to obtain gauge.
For 24 inch pillow made using light worsted weight yarn, you will need: 4mm hook or size needed to obtain gauge.
Abbreviations: US terms
Pattern language: English

Dec 21, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Mamta Motiyani is one of the well known designer in the crochet community. She is a self-taught crocheter who was determined to learn this art. A little over 28 years ago, she started her journey and now there is no looking back. Her first project was a doily. People who know Mamta often address her as a crochet scientist and they are not wrong! She can make anything in crochet. She prefers to call herself as a crochet designer. Till date, she has designed over a hundred crochet patterns. One thing that you will love about her work is that she is a perfectionist. She enjoys 'frogging' when the need arises. Veteran crocheters are well versed with that term, 'frogging'. For those who do not know what that is, it is something in which a crocheter just rips out the stitches either because there was some mistake in the previous stitches or if they want to use the yarn for some other project. To rectify the error, one has to undo all the stitches and go to the point where it needs to be corrected. That is really a painstaking work and any crocheter will vouch for it. But, for her it is fun! In Mamta's own words, "Sometimes, I go back to the beginning of the project just to correct or modify one single stitch. I cannot ignore that mistake even when it is a minute one and can be overlooked by the keen eyes. I like perfection in what I do. If I am happy with my work, my customers will be naturally be happy with my creations." Occasionally, Mamta also undertakes custom crochet pattern work for her customers. "It depends whether that thing which my customer asks me to do is challenging and interesting to me. Moreover, my hands are always full with one craft project or the other and hence, I could not accommodate each and every request." Besides being an expert in crocheting, she is also into many other art and craft adventures like making handmade yarns, cords and ribbons, macrame, sewing, fashion designing, jewelry designing, etc. She also loves gardening and collects natural stones and gemstones mostly for healing. Talking about healing, she is a reiki practitioner and also a certified yoga teacher. And yes! She is just one person with multi talents. Mamta lives in India with her spouse, Raju and her cute little 5 years old daughter, Shaman. By the end of 2020, she has decided to write 2020 patterns! "I like to write easy patterns which can be understood even by beginners. Many people ask what is my inspiration behind my creations. I say to them that when I look around myself, I see things talking to me. Often, I hear voices and see vivid pictures of the designs and viola! A new pattern is born.

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Lace Mandala Pillow Crochet Pattern - Mamta Motiyani

Lace Mandala Pillow


Mamta Motiyani

Copyright © 2015. All Right Reserved.

Price: $6.00

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Skill Level


Suggested Yarn

Crochet Hooks


Abbreviations ( in US terms)


Finished Sizes

Pattern Notes

Large Triangles

Medium Triangles

Small Triangles

Special Stitches

Sewing instructions For Pillow Form

Wrong Side Of The Pillow Form



About the designer

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Inspired by the open-work lace designs of Turkish Oya, Lace Mandala Pillow gives the illusion of a blooming Mandala flower in the resulting negative space creating a unique decorative throw pillow.

The flower image pops up as an illusion in the non-crocheted portion. It gives a nice setting to showcase the design perfectly and makes

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