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#0004 White Out: PAVAD: FBI Case Files, #4

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Every unit of the FBI has those cases that just make an agent think, make them feel, and make them wonder why people treat others the way they do. PAVAD—the Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division of the FBI—was no different. This was one of those cases.

She had made a promise to a child…

Someone had killed Wade Heathers. Wade—a pillar of the community—had been a devoted father and a loving husband.

But as Paige and the rest of Team Three delve deeper, they realize the snow hides more than just the blood of an innocent man.

Family secrets, jealousy, greed, and madness run rampant. 
Until a little boy doesn't know who he can trust any longer.

All he has to give him hope is one woman's promise.

A promise Paige will do anything to keep.

Case File #0004 is the fourth in a series of mystery novellas featuring characters from the PAVAD: FBI Romantic Suspense series. These novellas feature complete suspense stories and can be read in any order. White Out is a 150 page novella.

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