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Acceptance Bridge: Crossing the Great Divide

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Charismatic Highland "Hi-Riser" Risert, a regally handsome multi-millionaire, former NBA-All Star, and a successful entrepreneur, has it all. A booming hi-tech company, a beautiful family, a blessed life.

But not for long.

Highland's company goes belly-up, and He's involved in a horrific accident that kills his wife and kids. He survives but is disfigured and crippled for life.

An accident? Maybe, maybe not.

Highland vows to prove it wasn't. But how, he has no money, no job and is confined to a wheelchair. Destitute, Highland takes a job at a poor rural school. There he meets a fourteen-year-old deaf kid named HOMER- a boy that awakens gentle stirrings of the soul that may breathe life into his soul again.

Homer's only goal is to make the basketball team. Highland takes Homer under his wing and an Odyssey of unexpected emotion, discovery, and drama unfolds.

Highland searches for the answer to his nightmare while being drawn into Homer's battle to capture a dream.

A heart-rending journey plays out against the backdrop of acceptance, redemption, and spiritual rebirth.

Acceptance Bridge is a story about overcoming insurmountable odds, humorous turns, and a spiritually uplifting climax.

And... it's a story where a Homer steals your heart.

"This story has everything needed to be a smash success. It will make every single reader happy." - FredericK Marx, producer, Writer, Director - Hoop Dreams - Named film of the decade by Roger Ebert

"What a fine story and screenplay. Acceptance Bridge will make a memorable film!" - Mark Miller, legendary leading man, producer, writer of "Walk in the Clouds"; "Savannah Smiles"; " Christmas Mountain"; and "Differn't Strokes." 

Acceptance Bridge is so entertaining and exciting I could not put it down. It's  "Glory Road";  'Hoosiers"; and "Rudy" combined as teams and individuals overcome roadblocks and handicaps on all levels. Inspiring is not a strong enough word - but it certainly works. - Donn Burrows, Director, Producer, Writer of "The Big "O": The Oscar Robertson story."

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