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Healing Stones And Benefits

Healing Stones And Benefits

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Healing Stones And Benefits

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Dec 7, 2018


We all use jewels, so we know the benefits of these stones?

stress, headache, blood pressure and other diseases will not believe the miracle of stones

Stones have been a source of joy and energy for people for many years.
Many stones in nature have a meaning, benefit and effect. Amethyst, agate, chalcedony, moonstone, sapphire, diamond and aquamarine are some of these stones. Especially in recent years, the number of people who believe in the energy and therapeutic properties of stones is increasing.

Let us see all the benefits of stylish and beautiful jewels together

Dec 7, 2018

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Who is Cemal YazıcıI prepare novel books and magazines as e-booksIntroducing the cities and countries related to tourism and travel, and at the same time I am making a book as a result of my research into the information that can benefit people.For example, while preparing a travel guide magazine that introduces the london, I review the country's eating habits and diet lists and create a separate nutrition book.not only the places to visit in my books, but also all the features of the city I'm sharing with youThe purpose of writing e-books is to reach people around the world and to make them read at affordable prices.I am writing my books English,German and Turkish for send all people on the world

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Healing Stones And Benefits - Cemal Yazıcı


Some stones have certain characteristics with respect to creation.These stones affect human health positively and make people feel good

these stones vary according to people's signs, his human creation has different horoscopes and the stone he should use is different. This book will help you in terms of health and luck where you can learn the characteristics of the stones and your own private stone.


There may be hundreds of different types of precious stones in the world, but the unique features, appearance and benefits of the amber stone are very popular. The amber stone, which has an effective force on human beings, has existed in the coastal areas for use by light and people fed with time, and has become a magical part of the jewels.

The amber stone absorbs the negative energies and transforms them into positive energies. While most of the stones protect your body against negative energies, amber destroys negative forces and makes them positive and useful for you. It works miraculously for people with depression. People have begun to experience serious depression these days, so a solution to the suicide rate has been produced. Amber stone keeps you away from thoughts of depression and suicide.

Found in an extinct pine species and containing a succinic acid, the fossil is a petrified organic substance. It is usually found in tiny particles such as earrings. It is used in the construction of jewelery which is formed in millions of years ago.Red yellow or red in yellow, ie amber in two varieties. It contains insect-looking substances and air bubbles. The amber yellow color radiates heat in contact with the body. The reality of amber is when it is burned, it becomes clear with the smell of pine.

Amber, Swiss Stone, Resin Stone are the other names. It is a fossilized petrified resin of the resin of Pinus succinifera trees, an extinct pine species known as amber. It is very soft and light. It is a fossil that can be easily broken and has the ability to attract small objects when it is buried. Especially when it is heated, its electrical and magnetic feature is released.

If the amber is heated slightly, the resin will smell, soften if heated to 150 ° C, burns at a temperature of 375 ° C, with a bright, smoky flame, producing a pleasant smell of pine resin. He observed that light paper particles attracted light matter such as wood chips. This feature kept its mystery for 2000 years, but in the 1600s. William Gilbert explored the magnetic properties of amber and was the first scientist to use the word electric by inspiring the name of the amber in ancient Greece.


1-Purifies the chakra from negative energies

2-Loads of clear and light light energy

3-Gives insight

Prevents melancholic mood

4-It protects the mental health, prevents the melancholic mood, absorbs the negative atmosphere in the environment, turns the negative energy into positive energy and gives a feeling of relaxation

5-Temperature gives confidence

6-Pain relieves pain when placed in places. It is especially effective in rheumatic pain

7-Our awareness of our own life and our awareness on the way to our wisdom

8-Prevents allergies and is good

9-We have the ability to gain the necessary features on the road to success in our work

10-When you feel that life is a burden and you feel crushed under responsibilities, it revitalizes you with its healing energy

11-It prevents respiratory distress, such as asthma, bronchitis

12-It's good for obsessions

13-It is believed to be a cashing stone and therefore it is placed in crates

14-Cleans kidney, bladder and spleen, ensures healthy operation

15-Because it takes the first look, it protects it against evil eye

16-It allows the digestive system to function properly, especially in the intestines. Purifies and cleanses your body

17-Good for bad taste problems

18-Internal digestive system balances the functioning of the glands

19-Cleans and strengthens the liver

20-It awakens intelligence and intelligence, helps you make the right decisions

21-When it is found in the left hand or wrist, it prevents the accumulation of electricity in the body, thus preventing depression

22-Because the temperature that he dissipates prevents the spread of the infection and prevents the common cold, he usually hangs around his neck

23-Makes you realize the beautiful aspects of life and that you are filled with joy

24-Good for throat and thyroid gland infections

25-When you feel that life is a burden and you feel crushed under problems, it

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