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Nov 22, 2018


DAISY is the portrait of every young, beautiful and ambitious girl on a journey through womanhood. What sets Daisy apart is that she is a very determined girl who yielded to God at an early stage in her life. She also learned to obey God without delay and this was very responsible for the path of fulfillment she experienced in life.

DAISY answers many questions that seem to plague Christian girls and women.
*What is my purpose in life and how do I find it?
*How do I handle a 'good' relationship that just doesn't fit my expectations?
*How do I know that he is God's choice for me?
*How do I hear from God on the issues of life and marriage?
*How do I handle betrayal from close Christian friends?
*How best to support your teenage child?
*How do you guide your children to prepare them for adulthood?
*How do I distinguish my ambition from God's vision for my life?
*What are the key attributes needed as a young wife?
*How do I fit in and stand out in life?

In an easy, smooth and exciting narrative, DAISY's story is that of obedience to God and victory over life's challenges through Christ. It shares the practical steps taken by a young believing girl in her journey to a truly phenomenal life and subtly calls every reader to a place of re-evaluation and renewed confidence in God.

Nov 22, 2018

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Daisy - Ifeoma Eze


©2018 Pastor Ifeoma Eze

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission from publisher is prohibited. All scripture quotations are from King James Version unless otherwise stated.

Published in Nigeria by:

The Heritage publishing House,

Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries Inc. (International Headquarters)

Zion Heritage Estate,

After Trade-more Estate

Voice of Nigeria Entrance

Lugbe Phase 4, Airport Road

Abuja, Nigeria.


Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries (National Headquarters)

#19 Zion Heritage Drive, off Bende Road,

Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

Tel: +234-80-3391-2971, +234-80-5716-1060, +234-80-9178-7299





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It was a quiet Wednesday evening in the city of Aba, Abia State, Nigeria on the 20th of July 1983. People were going about their normal businesses. Pedestrians were all over the road, heading in the direction of their intended destination. Lorries were blaring their horns. Bus conductors were calling the next bus stop,

Ogbor hill. Independence Layout. Ariaria market. I na-aga (Do you want a ride)?

There were no thunders nor lightning. There were no visible meteors or comets. There was no guiding star shinning bright. But somewhere in the cosmos, some stars got into alignment because a baby was being born. Daisy.

Daisy was the third child being born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Aniebo; a civil servant and a school teacher respectively. They had been married for five years and have had two children before Daisy but none of them survived. Both children died after their first birthdays.

Mrs. Elizabeth Aniebo is a very beautiful, light skinned woman. This was in the times when light skinned women were looked at suspiciously as ogbanjes (marine-possessed). For Mrs. Elizabeth, things didn’t come easy at all. Her brother-in-law called her names. He often talked about how he warned his brother not to marry her, but his brother insisted. He would publicly call her out for eating up her children,

Eliza, if you knew you were not willing to have children, why did you choose to marry my brother? Why do you have to put him through the agony of seeing a pregnancy grow, seeing the children birthed and having to bury them with his own hands? What kind of a wicked woman are you? Stop eating your children through witchcraft and let my brother have his own children.

Being a gentle woman who avoided having issues with people, Elizabeth would always go into her room and cry. Her husband, John, will come in and console her and tell her to take heart. At a time, she knew there was nothing more for her to do but to pull closer to God and that she did. She started taking up prayers and getting serious with church activities, peradventure the Lord will look upon her with favour and give her a child that will live. And God did answer. Mrs Elizabeth had made a vow to God that with this third pregnancy, if the child was birthed and lived long, whether it was a boy or a girl that the child would be a vessel in the hand of God and serve the Lord for life. As months passed, Daisy was birthed.

She was not named Daisy from birth, she was named Nonyelum (stay with me) because from the day she was born, she became sickly. She was so sick that in the first year of her life, she spent most of it in the hospital. Nonyelum – if only she could hear the pleas of her parents and stayed with them. She heard. Nonyelum did not have a baby picture because her parents were so scared of losing her still. The first two children they had both had pictures and after their deaths, the pictures traumatized their parents. They didn’t want to go through the same trauma with Nonye, so there were no pictures to remind them of her in case she died. But Nonye didn’t die. She stayed.

Maybe because of the fear of losing Nonye, her mother took in as soon as she could. If it so happens that Nonye would die, there would be someone to replace her and console them of her loss immediately, but Nonye stayed as was requested of her and the next year, she had a new sister added to her. Nonye was called o nyiri onwu (difficult for death).

Nonye blossomed and grew into a beautiful girl who always drew attention to herself. Whenever people saw her in church, they always wanted to pick her up. She had a pretty smile and a colour that made people wonder if she was truly Nigerian. She had such curly hairs that you only saw on the dolls that were sold on the shelves of Leventis Supermarket in Aba. She was fair and pleasant to the eyes and her aunt who was her baby-nurse would always give out the name (Daisy) which she preferred for her whenever anyone asked, eventually, the name Daisy took over her other names.

Daisy and her sister, Oma, grew into glowing little girls and people looked forward to them having a younger one but none was coming. Their uncle came back to the scene again. This time around, he claimed that Elizabeth had lost the power to have male children. One of the first two children that died was a boy. He claimed that the reason she ate those children was because one of them was

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