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Are You Disaster Ready ? - Food: Natural Disaster Survival Series, #2

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Are You Disaster Ready ? - Food: Natural Disaster Survival Series, #2

Lunghezza: 97 pagine44 minuti


Are you ready to handle a natural disaster when it occurs?

If not, you should read this book !

This book is the second of a series helping you be prepared to be able to take care of yourself or family during an emergency whether it last for less than a day, several days or even longer.  Having spent several years as a volunteer first responder with Emergency Management where I lived, I saw first hand how people were affected when natural disasters such as a tornado, ice storm, or a flood to name just a few.

This installment of the Are You Disaster Ready series deals with the basic of learning food dehydration and hydroponics.  Neither are skills that are learned overnight but with practice.  One of the side benefits with dehydration is that you can make your own healthy snacks the way you want them.  No longer do you have to put up with the overpriced offerings at the grocery store.

Hydroponics is another area where having the skills in growing your own without having a garden can yield its distinct benefits.  The easiest way to start is to grow lettuce.  Using the AeroGarden system, you can quickly learn how to do it with several different lettuce offerings.  When you are comfortable with lettuce, you can move onto other possibilities such as cherry tomatoes and jalapenos to make your salsa base or strawberries to make your own strawberry chips or fruit leather.

The only thing that is worse than doing only a little planning is doing no planning at all.
Here is some of what you will see discussed in this book

Choosing a dehydrator
Choosing a  Mandolin
Choosing a Vacuum Sealer
Making Cucumber Chips
Making Green Pepper Chips
Making Yellow Squash Chips
Making Banana Chips
Making Apple Chips
Making Beef Jerky
Making Turkey Jerky
Making Green Bean Straws
Making Pear Chips
Using an AeroGarden

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