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Ballerina - Inspirational Romance

Ballerina - Inspirational Romance

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Ballerina - Inspirational Romance

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Nov 21, 2018


Natalie Eden can't imagine a day without dancing. She spins and whirls and tiptoes across wooden floors and stages without a second thought for the world around her. It's her life and her world and she would do anything for the chance to be a professional ballerina. Almost anything. 

Her dedication and devotion hasn't gone unnoticed. Natalie's biggest fan has always been her little sister, Brittany, and Natalie wouldn't give the world for her sister's adoration and endless love. So when a terrifying car accident shatters both sisters' worlds and dreams, Natalie finds it difficult even to begin looking at her beloved ballet slippers. 

She's ready to relinquish her dancing until Cooper, the intern at their local hospital, urges her to pick up ballet once more. And slowly, with the help of Cooper, Natalie relearns to fall in love – both with herself, her dancing, and the boy who charmed her back onto the dance floor.

This is a clean, standalone romance story with no cliffhanger! 

Nov 21, 2018

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Ballerina - Inspirational Romance - Rachel J. Moore




She had satin. She had satin for her hair, satin for her dress, satin for the warm, sweet smile she wore. But mostly, she had satin for her shoes. Shoes for arabesques and shoes for pliés, shoes for pirouettes and shoes for all five positions. Worn and dirty was her satin, but she loved it all the same.

Natalie had loved her satins since she was three, and they had danced with her through countless moons and autumn leaves. What had started out as a sweet, childhood dalliance with ballet had twisted and turned and spun its way into a series of midnight rendezvous, built on blisters and practice and hopes and dreams.

It was a courtship of the most unique kind, a love between an artist and her work. And yet, like many couples, they were not without fights. They were not without arguments and tears and spats, not without frustration and slammed doors and hurled objects across the floor.

And she loved her lights; she always had and always would. She loved the blinding dazzle in her eyes and on her dress, loved the way it skimmed the top of her black, black hair and made it shimmer like obsidian stone. And she danced. She danced with her lights, black against white and toes pointed against the smooth wooden floor.

For a moment, just a moment, only she existed. Only she and the stage and the lights and her feet existed. She spun and she swayed and she sang with her hands and feet, a sweet symphony all her own. When the music called, she answered.

Yes, Natalie loved her lights, and Natalie loved her satin.

Chapter 1

T hat one! That one ! cried Brittany. She pointed excitedly every which way, unable to quite settle on a single pair of shoes.

This one? said Natalie, an amused smile adorning her face. Going shopping with Brittany was about as entertaining as one might imagine shopping with an eight-year-old would be. She ran about excitedly throughout the stores, ducking in and out of clothing racks, trying on all sorts of items that proved to be too large for her, and trying (and failing) to pick out fashionable clothing for her big sister.

The pair of light-up sneakers Natalie had picked up was a shiny white, with light-up pink sparkles on the sides and cute little dinosaurs near the bottom. Brittany gave the shoes a look before holding up her hands for them. Natalie obliged, depositing the small shoes in her sister’s outstretched palms.

Brittany held the shoes with such a solemn expression on her face as she studied them

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