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Nov 6, 2018


Fatherhood is a sharp dive into the love loss that occurs when a relationship between two loving people goes south. 
Kesha and Lance are ripped apart at the news that Kesha is pregnant. Their once dream relationship changes into a nightmare. 
The pressure from outside forces on both sides of the fence, gives their opinion on what direction Kesha and Lance should go since she revealed her pregnancy. Arguments are the ritual of the day. Lance and Kesha look in the mirror and realize they are in a flawed relationship. They were envied by friends and now looked down on by those same individuals. 
Lance doesn't simply wish to be a baby daddy, he desires to be in his daughter Brittany's life on a daily basis. Unfortunately, those same outside forces that have helped to influence Kesha's decisions, is likewise the puddy that muddies the water between Lance and his relationship with his daughter. 
How far will Lance go to get shared custody of his daughter? How many miles will he travel just to spend a moment with his child? The rules have shifted and there is no sign of negotiation. Until he has a court-approved order, Kesha could claim single parent status.
Lance must navigate an unequal justice system as he fights for the rights to be with his child. Kesha has taken upon herself to move further away from him as the war between her and Lance has only one likely victim. Brittany. 
Fatherhood is a triumphantly therapeutic book for all fathers that believe in fighting for their child. The system is corrupt, but there is always hope that the pendulum can swing in your favor. 

Nov 6, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Michael D. Beckford is a titan in the book publishing industry. Having written in multiple genres of fiction incuding his break-out novel and well recived book "Dying To Be Straight!" Michael D. Beckford has set out to be a trail blazer of his own in the genres of Urban Fiction, Urban Christian Fiction and Poetry. He is 2015's BWABC author of the year, and continues to work his pen and keyboard to writing perfection. Michael D. Beckford is not only an author, he is a father, activisit and entrepeneur.  "I want to write the works that mean something to people, I never want to be put into a box. I love to entertain and inform at the same time," says Beckford.  Compared to the likes of Omar Tyree, Michael Eric Dyson and Michael Baisden, Beckford has some big shoes to fill and he's ready to hit the NY Times Best-Seller list. 

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Fatherhood - Michael D. Beckford




I am a man that has always treasured my woman, from the moment I met Kesha at the barbecue and her talking nonsense. I recognized once I gave Kesha the eye, well—let’s say I could make her sing the blues and announce my name. But first, I had to have the digits.     

Yo Darius, get over here bruh... I drew my friend to the side while we were on an intermission at the barbecue. The minute you talk to your homeboys while the ladies make corny and sexually suggestive jokes amongst each other about men.         I was trying to take a piss, what do you want? He acknowledged, with his familiar country boy swag.  My homeboy Darius was from a scant town called Savannah, Ga. He wasn’t a fan of the big city life. What he cherished was his parents and grandparents that owned a one-hundred-acre lot of farmland which they cultivated their own food.       

Darius was great at slaughtering hogs, milking cows, and watching sheep.  He wasn’t great at communicating with women. I could have offered that negro one-hundred dollars, and he’d still get tense around the opposite sex. So—-it was no shock when I asked Darius if he could help me along the process of hooking up with Kesha, he had a less than stellar response. 

Yo, so I was watching Kesha all night, and she was cracking mad jokes. The chick is attractive as hell bruh. You think you can hook-me-up with her, or at least make sure she realizes I’m paying attention, I suggested with a broad smirk on my face. My mouth was froth with the restless anticipation of Darius introducing me to Kesha.

And his response... Man... hell no nigga. I ain’t got nothing to do with that.  Just realize that Kesha is my friend and you are my friend too that’s where the trouble starts. I don’t want to be no wing man. I don’t want to get in between what may hit off between you and her. He glanced at me.

He screwed the wooden toothpick between his teeth and hacked away at the left-over pork that had taken home in his mouth. It was one gross sight for me to watch. Maybe pulling food out of his mouth in front of people is what they did in Savannah, Ga. I thought it was nauseating.

Darius and I met each other at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. It was a life-shifting experience for him. Atlanta was the big city he always heard about and conceived of touring. Atlanta was just another city out of the many places I had seen. I was from a big city, the Magic City of Miami, Florida. Miami was home to every race in life, a genuine melting pot. You can enjoy every essence of woman in Miami without even leaving to cross the track. Moving to a predominantly black Atlanta didn’t bother me.        

I had to admit however, there must have been a stronger brew of black woman in Atlanta though, because those ladies from Spellman and Clark Atlanta University made a brotha want to haul his suitcases and settle permanently. And that was the attitude of my friend Darius. He got turned out by the big city lights and effortless access to women. Not that he recognized what to do when it got down to women.

He would always call me on the phone or drunk text me any moment he went out on a date. The man feared vagina. I realized that the black vagina could be a little intimidating because it’s strong, authoritative, and don’t take no crap. I had to remind Darius that he was a man. God endowed us with a robust tool that could always capture the

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