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The Earth Shield Project

The Earth Shield Project

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The Earth Shield Project

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Oct 29, 2018


A giant asteroid the size of Pluto is circling the Sun in the Kuiper Belt until it is struck by a most unlikely, smaller, rogue asteroid from the other side of the galaxy, and is sent on a trajectory that will, in a year and a half, collide with Earth. With no existing technology to prevent the collision, Humankind, searches for a way to avert the coming catastrophe in the short time available, and finds a drug addicted physicist who emerges as the hero.

Oct 29, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Marsell was born in Detroit Michigan in the year of... well, a good while ago. After graduating from Cass Technical High School, Marsell went to work for the Chrysler Corporation as a conveyor loader. Shortly after beginning his employment with Chrysler, he married, and fathered three children. Thirty-one years later, and after having gained the position of production supervisor, he retired at fifty.After retiring, he began playing golf everyday and all day. Having lowered his handicap to near scratch, and winning a tournament at even par, and behind a debilitating injury, he was unable to continue playing. He had a lot of free time on his hands, whereupon, he took up writing as a hobby and time killer and discovered he had talent for spinning a yarn.After pounding out eleven urban fictions, covering everything from drug use, prostitution, gang crime, murder, and romance/erotica, and having always been a science fiction fan from his teenage years, he thought he’d try his hand at writing a Sci-Fi tail, which culminated in his first work “Alien Plot - First Contact” now retitled "Alien Offensive - Nanobot Storm" and its four sequels, and which, at one time before he ran into problems with its publisher, was considered good fodder for production as a movie, not because he is such a great writer, but because of its unique, previously unexplored, plot.He still lives in Detroit, and being a compulsive writer, he spends most of his time wearing out his fourth keyboard replacement, while pursuing what he loves doing — writing more tails with unique story lines.

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The Earth Shield Project - Marsell Morris

The Earth Shield Project

A book from the quick read series


Marsell Morris

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.

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ISBN: 9780463540350

The characters and dialogue contained here-in are products of the author's imagination, and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or an establishment, existing, or defunct, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved.

Printed in the United States of America

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Chapter 1

There is nothing spectacular about it. Just a bunch of rocks floating in space as they orbited the Sun.

Sure, it's true, many of those asteroids are nearly as large as, let's say, Pluto, but most range in size from as small as an egg to several miles across.

And sure, this collection of asteroids is large while circling the outer solar system, and extending from the orbit of Neptune to approximately 50 AU (astronomical units) from the Sun, and is 20 times as wide, and 200 times as massive, as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but as a whole, there are far more spectacular entities in the vast cosmos than the Kuiper Belt.

That's why it was so unlikely, that, when an ordinary event happened that had happened countless time before, would, in time, threaten the Earth so many miles away.

Among the larger asteroids that composed the Kuiper Belt, is one of those nearly the size of Pluto. It had been wondering around the Sun for billions of years, doing its thing and occasionally colliding with other smaller asteroids while barely experiencing anything more than an occasional creator or two.

So, when it was, again, hit by a rather mediocre stone, in comparison, and suffered a very minor change in trajectory, it still wasn't anything spectacular.

What would become significant, though, as a result of the impact, is where the big boy was struck — dead, center mass.

What was even more fortuitous about the collision, is the colliding asteroid wasn't part of the Belt. It was a rogue asteroid that had ventured through the vast cosmos before the Earth and its solar system even existed.

It was the result of another head on collision that happened billions of years ago on the other side of the galaxy, where it was set free to become part of Earth's destiny.

Who would have imagined that such an innocuous event so far away on the other side of the galaxy and so long ago, would eventually set into motion other events that would threaten the Earth so many years later.

When the big boy asteroid was struck, it was hit at the exact location and moment in trajectory that caused the smallest change in its velocity.

The speeding rogue asteroid that came from deep space and was speeding in the wrong direction when it entered the Kuiper Belt, was vaporized, but the big boy, now slowed, began to fall towards the Sun, the Earth, and the inner solar system. Had it been stuck one second earlier or later, or just a little off center, it would have been sent on an entirely different trajectory, and continued on to harmlessly, eventually, leave the solar system, but it wasn't.

Chapter 2

Why are we being sent up here, anyway? asked, mission specialists, Bryan, Logan, as he floated, weightlessly, in the cabin of the Space Shuttle, Tandem, as he performed his last inspection of his space suit before beginning his extra vehicular activity (EVA). I mean, there must have been a better mission for the last shuttle that will be launched than repairing an ancient space telescope that will be decommissioned in a few years when the Webb Telescope is launched in twenty-one?

I don't know, Bryan, answered, specialists, Charles, Miller. "Maybe, because this is NASA's last shuttle mission? I can imagine there are enough scientist who still want to

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