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The Kingdom's Destruction: Hypnotic Destiny, #1

The Kingdom's Destruction: Hypnotic Destiny, #1

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The Kingdom's Destruction: Hypnotic Destiny, #1

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48 minuti
Oct 22, 2018


How much would you endure to reach those you love?

Cristina strolls through the streets of Ostarin on her day off, preparing for the birthdays of her husband and daughter. Out of nowhere, a storm strikes the kingdom, drenching everyone in a strange green rain.

Then it gets worse.

Anyone caught in the storm develops plague-like symptoms, spreading the infection to nearly everyone except Cristina. The final manifestation of the illness? They lose their minds and attack anyone nearby without reason.

Cristina now must journey across the kingdom through thousands of sick people with one goal in mind: she needs to reach her family. Can she survive through hordes of diseased people without the will to kill any of them? Will she get to her family in time? And why has she not been affected by the plague?

Oct 22, 2018

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The Kingdom's Destruction - Charlie Reale



What a wonderful kingdom.

Cristina strolled through the streets of Ostarin on a windy fall afternoon. Arching her neck, she glanced up at the two moons sitting in the sky, a bright blue and purple complementing the yellow sun. Despite the harsh wind blowing leaves around everywhere, she favored the autumn weather to the humid summers and bitter winters.

As much as Cristina hated running errands, she enjoyed walking through the kingdom. No matter how many times she had passed by the steel buildings throughout her thirty years on the planet of Sortious, she still marveled at the metal structures, some as tall as five hundred feet high. However, with the birthdays of her husband and daughter looming ahead, this day was anything but routine.

Cristina entered the bakery and waited in line, grateful she had arrived at a slow time as only two other people preceded her. The scent of baked pastries fresh out of the oven filled her nostrils, and she wondered if she could afford to pick up a few cream-filled talins to go along with the cake she had ordered.

Hi, Nurse Rosecrest, Timmy said from behind the counter. That time of the year, I guess.

Cristina chuckled. I can’t believe a whole twelve months went by. Is it ready?

I think so, let me check.

The bakery employee headed to the back room of the shop, off-limits to customers. Cristina’s gaze fixated on the talins inside the display case while she waited. The soft pastry filled with a cinnaberry spiced cream called out to Cristina. The croissants sat next to a variety of delicacies, but nothing beat her favorites.

Timmy placed the cake on the counter. Do you want me to throw in some talins?

I don't think I have enough money to buy both. There's one more thing I need to pick up.

Cristina glanced down at the vanilla frosted cake, layered with crispy phyllo and fluffy coneflower coffee cream. Not a flavor she would choose, but her husband loved the taste above everything else, so she had made an exception for the occasion.

Timmy handed her the dessert with a small wooden box on top. Tell Karl I said happy birthday.

Cristina peeked under the lid of the smaller container. Three talins rested with a dusting of blue sugar. She grinned at the young man. You shouldn’t have. I’m not giving it back, but you shouldn’t have.

After leaving with the pastries, she walked around the corner to the toy shop. Inside, a variety of toys filled the shelves, ranging from carved wooden dolls to costumes to board games.

Cristina browsed through the outfits, wondering if she could purchase something else in addition to the item she had ordered. A knight could work. She considered a faux chain-linked mail, decorated with the emblem of the kingdom—a red and blue three-legged basilisk.

The next costume also caught Cristina’s eye. A doctor suit, which entailed a long cobalt coat and white pants, hung on the wall. Lea does love spending time at the hospital while I’m working. Cristina reached into her pockets and pulled out the coins inside, twelve tin pennies along with six iron ones. After realizing she would not be able to afford both the custom-made item and a costume, she hung the doctor suit back on its hook, resigning to buy it next year.

Hello, Nurse Rosecrest, the shopkeeper said from behind her desk. Are you here to pick up the carving?

Cristina nodded. I hope it wasn’t too difficult, Marie.

Well, it’s not every day someone wants a winged basilisk carving.

Lea is obsessed with dragons. She draws them, talks about them, dreams of these fantastical creatures. I don’t know why.

The toy shop owner chuckled as she placed the figure on the counter. A foot tall, the statue depicted a dragon in flight with its four wings. Jagged gray scales decked its long and slender form, and a tail as long as its body curved with five spikes jutting from the tip.

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