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Save Your Sex Life: Avoid Prostate Surgery

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Save Your Sex Life: Avoid Prostate Surgery

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This book is not a medical report. I am not a doctor, medical or otherwise. The opinions expressed in this book, unless quotes from another source, are my own, based on my own experiences. I am a cancer survivor (touch wood, cross fingers, utter prayer that my survivor status continues). I am thankful to God and my doctors that I am alive. However, as I have learned more about cancer, I have discovered that there were other options I could have tried before submitting to prostate surgery.
Why Avoid Prostate Surgery? Three words: Impotence. Incontinence. Sterility. My first Urologist told me that after the prostate surgery I had finally agreed to accept, I would be IMPOTENT and INCONTINENT. I practically ran out of his office. I had enjoyed having a sex life and, since I was two or so years old, I have enjoyed the freedom of not having to wear a diaper. I was freaked out.
My next Urologist ordered imaging of my abdomen so we could see exactly what was happening. That imaging showed that my enlarged prostate was pushing my bladder to the side and kinking my urethra, causing my bladder to retain a liter (about 1.75 pints) of urine. I had already been using a catheter to empty my bladder. After seeing that problem, I again agreed to surgery.
In the pre-surgery class, it was explained to the dozen or so of us scheduled for surgery, that prostate surgery would result in STERILITY. Without our prostates, we would no longer have seminal fluid to transport our sperm. As it turned out, after prostate surgery, I lost all sexual function.
Two years after my prostate surgery, my PSA began to rise and I underwent a month of radiation treatments, which caused my PSA to soar. In other words, instead of eliminating my prostate cancer, the radiation merely annoyed the cancer and caused it to spread. I have had to accept what is basically chemical castration, taking the drug Casodex and receiving Lupron injections every three months to suppress my testosterone. This has temporarily halted the spread of cancer through my body. It had spread into my bones. It is not gone; it is just suppressed.
The ancient Greeks recognized the three aspects of life: spirit, mind and body. In my observation, all three aspects are involved in creating, having, controlling and being free from cancer. In that order of importance: spirit, mind and body. Since we are dealing with an immediate condition, cancer, that is threatening the body right now, there are immediate, physical things we can do to reduce that cancer and it’s effects. First, let us save the body, then we can discuss the mental and spiritual aspects to prevent it’s recurrence.
Before you accept prostate surgery or allow a needle biopsy of your prostate, which will let the cat out of the bag, or in this case, the cancer out of the prostate, try these simple steps, which I will fully cover in Part 1 The Physical of this book.

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