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A London Affair/Delicious/Married In A Rush

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Teacher Elisabeth Read isn't prepared for her cookery class to be given some star treatment by Angus MacAllister. The celebrity chef is way too gorgeous, arrogant and famous! She's even less prepared for the delicious attraction that instantly flares between them!

The usually cautious Elisabeth is soon feeling hot and bothered as Angus uses all his persuasive powers to tease and tempt her…right into his bed! But all it takes is one small moment of recklessness and she will be forced to make the toughest decision of her life…

Married In A Rush

One look from handsome stranger Bruno Deluca and Jo Graham's resolve melts. This is one casual encounter party–girl Jo isn't going to turn down!

It's not as if carefree summer lovin' with a tall, gorgeous man is meant to lead to a lifelong commitment – but after a day of hot and heavy sex with Bruno, Jo is left with an unfamiliar sense of regret when he finally leaves. And that's not the only surprise. Her biological clock has stopped ticking…Jo is pregnant, and now sexy Bruno wants to marry her – whether she likes it or not!

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