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Family is for Life

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Family is for Life

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In a world that has begun to despise authority, scorn biblical traditions and tear apart the family, parents may need some encouragement! Here are messages to cheer you on in your battle to succeed as a godly family. You will also find some practical tips for all ages and various occasions.

This cannot be a comprehensive guide to every aspect of marriage and parenting (there are plenty of volumes and websites to that end) but here we humbly pass on some tidbits of wisdom that have proved helpful in "Manselldom". 

Norman and I did not do everything right in raising our children (who does?), and what did turn out to be right was through God's grace alone! A huge debt is owed to our godly parents and Bible teachers over the years, and the least we can do is to pass on some of the benefits of their investment.

If this book helps you and your family live and shine for the Lord Jesus Christ it will be worthwhile. I hope you enjoy our letters.

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