Saving Sam and Other Dog Tales

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Saving Sam and Other Dog Tales

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How did Sam end up in the rescue centre, not once, but three times? Was he responsible for a man’s death? In Sixth Sense, find out how a woman somehow knows which dog people will choose. In Helping Bella, a badly treated animal helps to mend a man’s broken heart but it’s not all rescue centres.

In Cuddles Muddles and Puddles a single mother struggles to cope with a puppy, a gift from her ex-husband. Discover how a dog trainer copes when a dog refuses to obey her commands, and how a lady who helps people with badly behaved dogs treats her own pets. Other stories feature everything from dog shows to dognapping.

A collection of short stories by acclaimed women's fiction writer, Linda Lewis. As a veteran of the women's fiction short story market, Linda has sold over 600 magazine stories to a wide range of publications. This sees some of those stories brought together for the first time.

A must for anyone who has ever rescued, owned, or loved, a dog.

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