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Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

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Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

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Sep 12, 2018


You have heard the term blockchain, but what is it really? Based on some of the content from his Executive Blockchain course you can learn what is taught to executives, consultants, leaders, attorneys, marketing specialists, educators, etc. around the world to understand and apply blockchain concepts for real-world use. This the most up-to-date executive blockchain book on the market.

Wayne consults as an Associate Expert at the Nordic Blockchain Association in Copenhagen

Sep 12, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Wayne is known for the success that his students and readers of his books have. He is a trader trainer, coach and entrepreneur in demand. From his base in Copenhagen, this demand has led to trader training & speaking engagements in the United States, China, Jamaica, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, etc. Prior to Europe, he was based in New York City. His books are used to teach some of the world's brightest for ex. at Copenhagen Business School & Nanjing University. He is also a guest columnist to several financial magazines, for example and in Spanish at Estrategias de Inversión. He has held several positions in investment banking including: Regional Manager for teams of Investment Advisors servicing North America & Middle East Regions (based in Denmark and London), Training Consultant to financial institutions. He also headed the Trader Training program at a leading investment bank. 

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Blockchain - Wayne Walker

Table of Contents

Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

Chapter 1: What is Blockchain?

Chapter 2: Do You Need Blockchain?

Chapter 3: Investment in Blockchain by Sectors

Chapter 4: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Chapter 5: Smart Contracts

Chapter 6: Smart Contracts: The Undo Rule

Chapter 7: What is an ICO?

Chapter 8: Token Evolution

Chapter 9: ICO Ratings, Can You Trust Them?

Chapter 10: What is Next for Blockchains?

Chapter 11: Blockchain First Aid Kit


Profile of the Author

Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

How Blockchain Can Be Applied In Your World

Wayne Walker

© Copyright 2018 by Wayne Walker, All rights reserved.

This book was written with the goal of providing information that is as accurate and reliable as possible. Professionals should be consulted as needed before undertaking any of the actions endorsed herein.

This declaration is deemed fair and valid by both the American Bar Association and the Committee of Publishers Association and is legally binding throughout the United States.

Furthermore, the transmission, duplication or reproduction of any of the following work, including precise information, will be considered an illegal act, irrespective whether it is done electronically or in print. The legality extends to creating a secondary or tertiary copy of the work or a recorded copy and is only allowed with express written consent of the Publisher. All additional rights are reserved.

The information in the following pages is broadly considered to be a truthful and accurate account of facts, and as such any inattention, use or misuse of the information in question by the reader will render any resulting actions solely under their purview. There are no scenarios in which the publisher or the author of this work can be in any fashion deemed liable for any hardship or damages that may befall them after undertaking information described herein.

What is Blockchain?

In 2008 the first blockchain was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto who introduced the idea in a white paper with Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first execution of the technology. Blockchain is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). A distributed ledger is replicated, shared, and synchronized data geographically spread across sites, institutions, or countries. It is important to note from the beginning that Distributed ledgers do not have a central administrator. DLT is the underlying technology for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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