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Musings on Doctrine: Christian Beliefs Revisited

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Musings on Doctrine: Christian Beliefs Revisited

Lunghezza: 227 pagine3 ore


Have you ever wondered about the security of salvationyour own or perhaps that of someone you know? Do you sometimes worry about not going to hell? And what about babies? Do they get a free pass to Heaven? And where did evil come from, anyway? Why? Is Eve really to blame for all the worlds troubles? Do the Ten Commandments apply to everyone? In marriage, do wives really have to be in subjection to their husbands?

And are you concerned about how this world is headed? What does the Bible really say about events like the rapture, the great tribulation, the mark of the beast, the abomination of desolation, and those other scary things?

Theres no need to wonder any longer. Here are the answers and more from Gods Word, easy to understand but profound and right on target. But be aware that some of your long-held beliefs will be thrown rudely to the ground. The author tells it like it is, not like what you thought it was. If you are sincere about finding the truth, it will help you find it. If you cant handle the truth, it may anger and frustrate you. Either way, you wont ever be the same.
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