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A Love World: The Time Has Come!

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The world is full with so many sicknesses now. It is time to heal all these sicknesses that are all due to the lack of love in the heart. The ultimate need of the heart is to love and be loved. Until we are able to love one another unconditionally and do that genuinely, our spiritual growth is stunted! Our purpose in life, undelivered. It is time to love you and to love others. It is time for LOVE to transcend and A LOVE WORLD comes into existent!
This book is written to illuminate the power and the expansiveness of love and how it is the answer to all the problems we face now. It talks about you as the agent of change. It awakens in you, the power to claim your gifts and with them make a positive difference in this world.
This book enlightens that the power of change is in each and every one of us. We have been too hard on each other and deprived each other our best self. The self that is selfless, loving and kind. Because we have allowed the EGO dominates our actions far too long instead of our HIGHEST and TRUE SELF be our driver.
It is time for us to join hands to build this Love world now, a world of peace and harmony where people live with full of love, respect and kindness to each other. Because, WE DESERVE it!

Dr. Rose G. S. is an Inspirational Speaker and Author. She is a strong believer of LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY. Her approach of communicating the precept that each individual is special and can make a positive difference in this world has made her devotes her entire life in helping individuals become better, achieve excellent results in their vocation, unleash their potentials and lead a balanced life. Thousands of people has been inspired, motivated and touched by her Love brand.
Dr. Rose is now embarking on her spiritual journey by spreading love and empowering others through her Love books, Seminars, Trainings and projects.
Dr. Rose can be reached at Email or Website

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