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How I Became a Human Guinea Pig: Health Tips for Busy People

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How I Became a Human Guinea Pig: Health Tips for Busy People

Lunghezza: 135 pagine2 ore


Maxine Bennett has written this book for people who are interested in taking control of their own health, helping families and friends. People who have busy lives and do not have the time, or the inclination, to delve into an abundance of "information overload" (confusion) Maxine, has spent most of her life on the subject of health and fitness, using herself, as a "Guinea Pig" to sort the "wheat from the chaff" the reason for the title of her book. "How I became a Human Guinea Pig (previously entitled, Health Tips for Busy People) both titles apply.

As she explains, this has not been easy. Attempting various diets, pills, potions, numerous side affects etc. However, all of her study has been in the natural and alternative health areas. Maxine understands that in today's society, people are overwhelmed with advice and suggestions, which constantly change. And, as a result, become confusing. Therefore, she keeps her advice simple and to the point. The reader is not required to search the book for their own health problem, as everything is clearly explained under the designated heading. Maxine gives numerous examples of her own, and family health issues, which add to the interest.
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